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New Year's Eve in Porto with Dinner and Party - Harry Potter Décor (All Inclusive)

Magical Dinner - Living Tours
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Celebrate your New Year's Eve immersed in the Harry Potter magic!

Gather your friends and family and join us on this special evening in Gaia. Dance to the sound of the soundtrack that inspired lives, toast with quality sparkling wine and enter 2021 with a bang!

The red and golden Gryffindor courage, the blue and bronze Ravenclaw intelligence, the green and silver Slytherin cunning, and the yellow and black Hufflepuff kindness mix together in this wonderful environment! Join us in this delightful night, where we remember Harry, Ron and Hermione's famous adventures!

It will be a night full of fun, dancing and relishing in the magic of another world.

   Thursday    7.30 hours

Celebrate New Year’s Eve remembering JK Rowling's most iconic books.

Start your year in the best way in one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

Enjoy a special themed night full of fun, dancing, and glamour.

Feel the Hogwarts magic, toast with exquisite sparkling wine and enter 2021 with the right foot!

Key details


Vila Nova de Gaia 


Starting at 8 p.m. 


Aprox. 7h30

Full description


Liquid canapés: Dragon’s Blood, Gin Tonic, The Phoenix Feather, Porto Wine, Green Wine, Orange Juice and Water;


An assortment of canapés (olives, caviar, smoked salmon, cheese, shrimp, anchovies, smoked ham), Muggle Chicken Pie, Meat dumplings, Veal croquettes, Rubeus Hagrid Mystery Pie, samosas, cod fritters, Diagon Alley Sausage Bread, melon and smoked ham kebabs

Regional table: Sliced smoked ham, Rojões (fried pork bits), Sautéed mushrooms with pepper and spring onions, an assortment of bread

New Year’s Eve Dinner, Table Service

Soup: Privet Drive Velvet vegetable cream.

Fish dish: Steaks of hake with a special prawn sauce, steamed broccoli with mashed potatoes;

Meat dish: Pork medallions in the oven with chestnuts and roasted potatoes, Basmati rice, and sautéed vegetables;

Vegetarian options: Vegetarian quiche, tomato, and cucumber salad and Sautéed pasta with vegetables and nuts – the vegetarian option should be mentioned in the moment of the reservation

Enter the magic world of Hogwarts in a moment with a lot of music, dance, and interpretations that will get you to feel all the emotions for the Harry Potter World!

A moment for children with a lot of dance and enjoyment that will delight the youngsters!

Dessert and cheese table (buffet):

Gryffindor Chocolate Cake, Sponge cake, Phoenix Golden Nest (nut cake with egg threads), Rabanadas (a type of Eggy Toast) Pudding, Slytherin Magic Shots (assortment of different mousses, Dragon’s Blood Cheesecake, laminated fruit, and Bertie Bott's Beans.

Cured cheese, Creamy cheese, Typical mountain cheese, Stuffed cheese, Assortment of jams, Marmalade, Goiabada (guava jam), Honey, Bread, Crackers and Toasted bread

Welcome 2021 - Sparkling wine and raisins for all participants

Beverages: White and red wine, beer, soft drinks, coca-cola, coffee.

S. Silvestre supper: Pork fillet sandwiches | Bola de Carne (typical salty cake with meat) | mini pizzas | mini croissants | Caldo Verde (typical cabbage soup) and cornbread

Included Drinks: White/red wine, beer, orange juice, soft drinks, and coffee.

OPEN BAR from 00h15 to 03h30 – Whisky (new), Gin, Rum, Licor Beirão, Sparkling wine, and Port wine.

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Well prepared event in Porto
In my opinion, one of the stronguest points of this event was it organization. One can feel it since the arrival moment. Very politly introduced in the saloon, it guests places for some dozens of persons. We could see people from every part of the world. Kids, youth and older people all together gave an astonishing vibration to the occasion. Cocktail Service folowed by the dinner. Very complet with fish and meat, delicious portuguese wine and great deserts. After there were some moments of show and a special attention to the children present. The moment 0h or 24h was celebrated with a lot of tastings and cheers, hugs and kisses. The party continue to us until 3 a.m always with a lot of food and drinks. Memorable.
Claire Ford
Fun at Porto
Our group was 3 couples that knew each other long time and planned the New years eve in Porto 2 or 3 months before. The best events like this usually run out very quicly. Fortunately a portuguese friend recomend us with some anticipation. Great food and wine, professional staff and a good dj that played knowm songs but also less mainstream ones. It was a great night of fun and joy.
Andrew Stuart
Thematique dinner and party for New Year
A great party in Porto for New Year within a movie décor that ads a nice touch to the moment. The people there were all great and friendly. One could talk with anyone without seeming unpolite especially after dinner. A great night for us.
Jason Cobain

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