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Rui Terroso CEO
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My Guide on How to Delegate

When starting, entrepreneurs face lists of seemingly endless tasks. I had to be the best at Living. I had at least 10 jobs (depending on who I spoke to) - marketing, product design, public relations, operations, business development ...


Working so many areas is great because it allows you to learn quickly, expand your skill set and face challenges with confidence - but we could never have evolved from a local tour operator to an Iberian tour operator, had I not learned to delegate from the start .


With that in mind, I wrote my delegation guide that I have followed over the years. I hope you also find it useful.



  1. Identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Reflect on the tasks that come naturally to you. What elements of the business do you find pleasant and stress free? What do you find demanding and time consuming? Ask your friends, family, and colleagues to give honest opinions and thoughts.

After gathering your thoughts and findings, write them down and write down all the patterns and themes.


  1. Do the same for the business.

Identify the areas where improvements are needed, as well as the existing challenges and the missing elements that need to be achieved to scale the business. This will determine the type of skill set, assets, experience levels and personal attributes the company and team do not have.



  1. Use the findings to guide recruitment and evaluate the existing team.

It is necessary to form a dynamic and diverse team to be able to delegate and be successful.

Look for attributes in people who balance the least effective areas.

Take time to find people who understand the business and can imagine ways to improve it without losing sight of the vision.


4. Change the hierarchy and establish a company culture where all ideas are welcome, communication is open, and collaboration is absorbed into all decisions. It is important to remember that people are the greatest asset and you need to invest in them.



5. With a loyal and reliable team, talent in the right areas, you can start looking at the big picture.

However, it is important to remain visible, accessible, and connected to all moving parts of the business.



To delegate is a balancing act, but when you get it right, that's when growth happens.



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