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Rui Terroso CEO
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Biography - Rui Terroso

Name: Rui de Carvalho Terroso

Birth: March 21, 1976 - Viatodos, Barcelos, Portugal

Spouse: Sofia de Almeida Carvalho, since 2001.

Children: Salvador Carvalho (May, 2010) and Bernardo Carvalho (June, 2013)

Parents: Bernardino Carvalho Terroso (February, 1948) and Alice Ferreira (January, 1947)

Education: Degree, Master and MBA in Management


He is dyslexic as well as his two children, a dysfunction that show itself in the learning, reading, and writing process which affects about 10% of the world population. Something he had to fight and live with all childhood and youth just like their children although currently the education has other understanding and preparation and recognition the distinguishing way a dyslexic understands and sees things and the world.


Rui Terroso is the youngest of three brothers, Luis Terroso (April,1972) and Sergio Terroso (April, 1974).


His parents raised him to be independent and self-confident. At the age of 5, he had his first experience of traveling and being away from his parents for three months, spending his summer holidays with great-uncles who he knew little, between Lisbon and the Algarve.


A sports lover, in his youth he was a practitioner of the martial art kickboxing reaching the green belt, he is a regular practitioner of outdoor sports among others such as cycling, running, swimming, tennis and gym.


In the penultimate year of college, he decided to take a course to improve his English, the worst language for dyslexics and decided to study in Dublin, Ireland, at ASPECT College.


After finishing college, he attended the program Young Entrepreneurs of High Potential of ANJE – Portuguese Association of Young Entrepreneurs. Where he was invited to manage the department of ANJE in Brasil, having not accepted it as he wanted to start his own business in Portugal.


From a very early age, he envisioned to be an entrepreneur, his first experience at the age of 16 with friends, created a Prince t-shirt and escorted the singer of Purple Rain during his tour in the Iberian Peninsula, selling t-shirts outside the concert stadiums, such as Lisbon, Madrid, Santiago de Compostela, Gijón, Cádiz and Barcelona.

Since his first job, his first wages were saved to found and create Living Tours and later Living Tours Travel, Living Tours Spain, Living Tours Online, Living StartUp and he was also mentor, founder and partner of other businesses such as Colégio das Antas, Porto City Train, Wine Hostel and Terrofil.


Creativity and entrepreneurship, it is in his DNA, and he still has a countless list of projects to develop which are waiting for time and funding. Inspired by his equally entrepreneurial father, but also an area enhanced by dyslexia, as confirmed by some studies. According to an investigation by Cass Business School, in 2007, 35% of the North American entrepreneurs surveyed suffered from dyslexia. Also proving it is the enormous list of successful entrepreneurs and creatives like Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Kevin O'Leary, Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, among many others.


His main passion is travel, since he was little, he had the dream and ambition to experience the world, with the goal of living in all countries of the world. Reason for which he found companies in the tourism area, where his passion resides, allowing him to have a job he feels fulfilled and at the same time pleasure at work - what he most likes to do in life.


Reading is the main source of personal development, the main themes are based on entrepreneurship, business biographies and entrepreneurial references where he gets the most insights and entrepreneurial inspiration. Continuous learning is a tool he uses as everything is constantly changing and adjustment has to be a continuous by attending regular training, courses, workshops, conferences, congresses, among others.



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