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The best wineries of Vinho Verde

The summer afternoons remind us of the light and refreshing vinho verde (green wine), unique in the world. Discover its main producers not only for the opportunity to taste the wines but also for the opportunity to visit one of the largest Demarcated Wine Regions in Portugal and in Europe!

Vinho Verde is easy to drink and matches perfectly with lighter meals. Its origin is the secret that gives to this wine unique characteristics. The Demarcated Wine Region of Vinhos Verdes is in the area traditionally known as Entre-Douro-e-Minho. This area offers a pleasant climate, soils that confer minerality to wine and two grapes varieties with an unmistakable flavor: alvarinho and Loureiro. This wine is the second most exported in the country: A delight for the Portuguese, a delirium for foreigners!

If you are planning to visit this region, know in advance the best producers of vinho verde:

Quinta de Covela

For the biggest vinho verde lovers, this visit is a must! This Wine Estate belonged to Manoel de Oliveira, a renowned filmmaker at European level and the oldest active worker. It was Manoel de Oliveira who gave life to this winery because he built aqueducts, walls and granite houses to make it even more charming.

However, it was in the 80's that the brand "Covela" was born, which to this day, is firmly in the vanguard of the country!

The stunning view that provides to the Douro Valley is highly appealing for a wine tasting!

Quinta de Covela

Quinta da Aveleda

This is the Wine Estate where the famous Casal Garcia wine is produced, launched in 1939, the first bottled vinho verde marketed in Brazil, the former Portuguese colonies are the main foreign markets.

This winery deserves a visit not only for its renowned wines but also for its parks and gardens where new species of trees flourish! This space was awarded in the category "Architecture, Parks and Gardens" with the title "Best of Wine Tourism". Here you can also feel the true passion of a family for wine, passed from generation to generation.

Quinta da Aveleda

Quinta da Lixa

The perfect combination of traditional and modern! It began with the bulk sale but that lasted a short time, since, the acceptance of this wine exceeded all the expectations. Today, it is one of the largest national producers of green wines, with more than 4 million bottles produced per year.

The winery offers various programs such as guided tours, a closer look at the grape varieties and ways of conducting the vineyards, a visit to one of the vineyards and, finally, the opportunity to get to know the different types of Quinta da Lixa wine in a winemaking event resident.

Quinta da Lixa

Now that you have 3 great reasons to visit the Vinho Verde Wine Demarcated Region, will you miss this opportunity? Book your green wine tour from Porto!

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