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Rita Costa |

Pairing Wine and Food: The Right Wine for Each Dish

For many, there is nothing like a good wine on a late summer afternoon or on a cold winter night. It is undeniable that the wine gives a special touch to the gastronomies of the whole world, but is it that we are combining the right wines with the dishes that we prepare?

The truth is that there are secrets to enjoy the taste of good wine, such as joining it to a suitable dish. So the combination of wine and food should not be made without any kind of order so that we can get the best qualities of the products we are consuming.

Here we leave a list of the best combinations of wine and food:


A light wine is the best friend of a salad - sparkling, white or rosé. The freshness of these wines perfectly accompanies the light and healthy touch of a salad.

Fish and Seafood: 

Combines well with a full-bodied white wine or a young white wine. Try a Chardonnay, Muscat or a white Bordeaux. A very fresh rosé can also make the delights of a fish or shellfish meal.


This is almost a rule: red wine. If it is a Reserve (maximum 7 years) it is even better. Open a red Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Burgundy. If it is a meat dish with enough fat, a sourer red wine is perfect for balancing the flavors and cleaning the palate.

Pizza and Pasta: 

Italian gastronomy embraces a delicious young white wine, soft and with good acidity, or even an Italian Lambrusco. You can also opt for soft fruity red wines.


A sweet dish asks for a sweet wine so that it does not dissolve the flavor. We recommend a mythical Port, Madeira wine or a Moscatel to accompany the sugar of your delicious dessert.

Finally, we have a suggestion for those who like more... intense flavors. For lovers of spicy food, we suggest low-alcohol wines with fruity flavors. Spicy dishes harmonize well with sweet and refreshing wines.

Now you know the best wine to choose from at home or in a restaurant. At the end of a long day at work, prepare your favorite dish and open a bottle of fine wine... We promise you will be reborn!

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