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Rui Terroso CEO
Rui Terroso - CEO |

Anticrise Brands

Who does not have a strong brand, will always be fighting for price.


With the pandemic the strong brands will remain, with strong cultures. The brands that have a relationship with partners, with customers, with personnel, who offer an experience to everyone with whom they relate to.


We must show how strong our brand is and bet on our brand associated with our culture and truth.


The Brand has the power to engage, to offer sensations. Brands have the power to lift people out of a sad day and make them happy.


The brand is the institution that will make a difference in the future, for better or for worse.


The brand is the main factor in the consistency of the results. The history and culture of the brand is extremely essential. The brand must be taken care of and remembered.


There is an extraordinarily strong consumer force for brands that represent truths.



Corporations with people eager to honour the purpose, at Living Tours - with pride and patriotism, we offer unique and authentic experiences, showing the world the best, we have, are, and know how to do in Portugal and Spain.


Customers who feel true and authentic experiences, speak well of the brands, feel emotions, feel the passion and the service offered with added value.


Experiences with strong brands will always have an advantage because they have scale and recognition, so they can better survive to crises.

Consumers are increasingly conscientious and prepared to enjoy a significant experience with the brand.


Tangible experiences will be increasingly valued, even though always helped by the online.



Either businesses deliver a relevant experience, or they will not be able to be in the market and be the customers' first choice.


Brands need to think first from the perspective of empathy for the brand, which is to think of empathy for human beings, because at the end of the day, our customers, regardless of whether we are in a B2B or B2C business, are all obviously human beings, and are having all very human reactions to this crisis.


The brand culture comes from our people who are Living Tours' greatest asset.


Technology is not what makes the difference, what makes the difference is the people who are together in pursue of a common purpose.


In a crisis process, what is clearly visible in the first place is the culture of the organization, increasingly the sense of sharing is more strategic than the sense of division.


The crisis will pass, and relations will remain, and care for people is vital.


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