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Rui Terroso CEO
Rui Terroso - CEO |

Personal Development is the springboard for personal excellence

  1.  The person you become ends up reflecting on what you are going to achieve.


There is no greater mystery. Personal development is your catalyst for personal, permanent, and continuous excellence.


So, you must be an eternal student. The more you learn, the more confidence you have in yourself and the more you will gain.


Personal development broadens boundaries and opens possibilities, leading to preparation and opportunity to meet.



  1. Assess your success according to the balance you have in your life.


Life is not one-dimensional, it is composed of different areas, all of them important, which require care: work, family, friendship, spirituality, leisure.


Letting go any of them is damaging to your life. We must work hard, but without neglecting family and friends.



The key point is to organize yourself and organize well is to give up what is less important in favor of what is the most important.


You cannot get into everything. You always must leave things undone. For that, it is best to have clear ideas about what our priorities are.


Time is a finite variable - always 24 hours - and it is our responsibility to decide on what and how we dedicate our time.


In my case, I love going out with friends for dinner and having fun, but with children, this privilege must stay in the background. But it happens on a smaller scale than I would like, I believe that later and when the children are grown up, I will be able to dedicate more time again to friends.





  1. We can have more than we have because we can become more than we are

There is no better investment than the one you make in yourself. Your personal development is your destiny.


Each book you read, each conference you attend, each training you complete, each contact you establish adds and makes you grow.


What you get is always a consequence of the person you become.


One of my great hobbies is continuous learning, since my first training and degree, I continued my studies with a postgraduate and an MBA.


I also participated in several courses and training in the most varied areas of entrepreneurship at ANJE- National Association of Young Entrepreneurs, as well as the continuous and constant participation in various training courses over the years, such as: conferences, workshops and presentations.


Daily and whenever I can read is a constant as I have a library of more than 250 books read and I have learned and grown with each of them.


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