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Rui Terroso CEO
Rui Terroso - CEO |

Without passion there is no talent

Talent is the ability to excel in any field and the result of previous preparation and development in the activity based on knowledge, the attitude of improvement and, above all, passion. Without passion there is no talent.


Talent is putting your passion into action. Talent is playing the game you like to do the most.



And the greater your passion, more willingness and commitment you will put in the task, with all that implies in terms of results.


The character of Chris Gardner, who gave rise to the film " The Pursuit of Happyness", starred by Will Smith, said: "There is no plan B for passion. Do what you like, and success will come.”



And it is important to remember there is no great talent without a great effort.


Talent is nothing more than the sum of study and practice, complemented by timely feedback that allows you to adjust the shot more accurately until you become a reference person in any subject.


And the process never ends. Robert Schuller said: "Spectacular acts are always preceded by spectacular preparation".


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