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Rui Terroso CEO
Rui Terroso - CEO |

Optimism is the Faith that Leads to the Conquest

  1. Nothing happens without hope.


To be an optimistic is to be courageous because optimism leads to action, moreover, it is the key to face any ambitious challenge as the path is always filled with obstacles.


Any problem can become an opportunity if the person can find arguments for hope.


Hope always encourages and offers options. It works as a catalyst force. Only when that happens is it possible to reach the maximum and give everything for everything.



  1. A happy life does not consist in the absence of difficulties, but in overcoming them.


Life are problems, always when they are not of one type, they are of another. Sometimes these are personal problems and sometimes professional ones. Sometimes they are a couple's problem and sometimes they are with the boss, a customer, or a supplier.



If you have no problems it is because you are not doing anything, this is the most serious problem of all. So, we only have one alternative. Facing the problems so that we can grow, and they become smaller.


Problems weaken as we gain knowledge and life experience. Solving problems makes you smart.


If we don´t do it we increase in size because fears and insecurities also grow, in addition to causing other collateral damage. It is a domino effect.



  1. I am not the only one, but I am someone. I cannot do everything, but I can do something.


Sometimes we forget the big is born small, the whole is made up of parts and excellence is the sum of details, or that a team is the integration of complementarities.


"What moves the world are not the powerful arms of the heroes, but the set of small pushes given by each honorable worker." Helen Keller



  1. It all comes down to this: the easiest way to be happy is to do good.

Doing good things makes us feel good. And, in addition, results in the benefit of others, for which everyone wins.


Doing good is an action of intelligent people, not only from a professional point of view - helping others is an asset - but also personal for the inner peace it produces.


Whoever does not do the right thing - do not do to others what you do not want to be done to you - always keep an eye on your back for what may happen to you.


They are people who live in conflict, who see everything as a zero-sum game - what I gain is what you lose - and who does not know how to contemplate life with fullness and abundance.


Karma exists, and our words and actions towards others, positive or negative, return to us in the same way and with the same meaning.


We are magnets attracting what we project. The word "karma" means action, and every decision (movement) we make, from words we pronounce to the looks we cast, gives place to actions that evolve (add) or destroy (deduct) in our life.


  1. I yearn to accomplish a great task, but my main obligation is to accomplish small tasks as if they were big and noble.


All work done with commitment, attention to detail and aspiration to serve is an art that has a significant impact on the final quality of any product or service.


Isn't it fantastic to arrive at a hotel and be greeted by the receptionist with a smile? Isn't it wonderful to be in a restaurant and be served warmly? Isn't it amazing to call a call center and receive a polite response?


Being a receptionist, waiter or telephone operator may seem like simple jobs at first glance, but they are not. They are art.



Martin Luther King stated:

“If a man is called to sweep the streets, he must sweep as Miguel Angelo painted, Beethoven composed, or Shakespeare wrote. You must clean the streets so perfectly that makes the inhabitants of heaven and earth stop and say: Here lived a great sweeper who did his job well.”


Aliás a vida funciona sob a forma lei do crescimento: tudo o que se faz delineia o futuro para o bem e para o mal, pelo que a melhor forma de ter futuras oportunidades é aproveitar as oportunidades do presente.

In fact, life works under the law of growth: everything you do outlines the future for good and for evil, so the best way to have future opportunities is to take advantage of the opportunities of the present.



  1. Security is, above all, superstition. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.


Life to be life must have challenges - each with their respective quantities - otherwise, it becomes tasteless.

Any challenge implies certain risks, and risk is synonymous with courage, and courage is inevitably associated with defeats. Things don't always go well.


The important thing is to learn from mistakes and make small mistakes to hit big, the mistake must be assumed, reconsidered so that you hit right again.


Scars also have their charm and give shape and identity to who we are. If you dare, you grow, even if it hurts. If you do not dare, go back, even if you do not wish to.


There is no middle ground. Security usually provides an inexpressive calm that gradually turns into boredom, stagnation, and frustration.

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