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Rui Terroso CEO
Rui Terroso - CEO |

The mind is our main asset

1. We must be very careful about the type of advice we let in and from whom it comes.


Just as we put a lock on the doors so that those we do not want to enter; we must arm our minds so that less recommendable messages do not intoxicate our spirit.


We all have a winner and a loser within us who are in constant battle.


It is a matter of controlling your mind in such a way emotion of winning are greater than the fear of losing.


Robert Kiyosaki wrote: "99.99 percent of success depends on our mental attitude and how we face life."


The most powerful asset we possess is our mind.



2. Spend time with amazing people and you will see how amazing you become


The boundaries are not in people, the constraints are in the means. Most people reflect the average of the 5 people they live with most.


Robin S. Sharma explains it: “The great danger of being around people (who are not excellent), is that you start to convert into them without even realizing it.”



If the mind is good, but the land on which it is cultivated is not fertile, it will not produce a sweet fruit.


We must do everything possible to move, through means where people move, which demonstrate results we would like to obtain and spend as much time as possible with them.



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