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Catarina Figueirinha |

The legend of Black Madonna of Montserrat

The image of Our Lady of Montserrat, popularly known as "La Moreneta" due to its dark tone, is a statue of Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ. You can find its image in the Monastery of Montserratone of the most famous pilgrimage destinations thanks to the devotion created by this statue.

According to legend, during a Muslim invasion, this image has been hidden by devotees in a cave. Years later, a group of locals saw lights and heard songs in the middle of the cliffs, where "La Moreneta" had been hidden. The bishop wants to transport the Virgin Mary to the city of Manresa, but it was in vain since the image was extremely heavy. He assumed the fact as a request of the virgin to remain in that same place. To house the acclaimed image, the bishop ordered to build the famous Monastery of Montserrat!

Do you want to discover more about this legend? So is more than time for you to visit Montserrat and its Monastery!

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