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How to choose the best Port Wine Cellar for you?

On the other side of the bridge, we have Gaia, the city that hosts the best Port wine cellars! The choice is very wide, as we all know that the quality of Port wine is unquestionable. So where do we start? What is the Port Wine Cellar we should visit? The best option would be to visit all them, but we'll find the right Port wine cellar for you!

Burmester Cellars

Once you cross the D. Luiz I Bridge you will find the basement with a privileged view of the Douro River and a history that dates back to 1730. This history is so old that it was born before the demarcation of the Douro Valley wine region. The origins of the brand are linked to a London family, the Burmester family. The basement retains virtually the original architecture, with granite walls and wood-beamed ceilings for a cool, humid environment that can make your visit more enjoyable! Check Burmester Cellars entrance fees.

burmester cellar

Cálem Cellars

The story of Cálem is little more recent, in 1850, António Alves Cálem, decided to invest in the world of Port Wine, more specifically in the Brazilian market. It set at a time when Port wine was mainly exported and appreciated by the British people. Incredibly, Cálem's bet in Brazil, allowed the brand to expand not only to this market but also to the rest of the world. Apparently the boldness of this man has made the Cálem cellars what they are today, an exciting sensory experience! Check out the various entrance fees at Cálem Cellars.

calem cellars

Sandeman Cellars

Meticulously located facing Porto city center, the Sandeman cave was born in 1811. With it was born a mysterious character “Don de Sandeman”, the brand's ambassador. We venture to say that this is one of the most important Port wine cellars in the city! Something very, very curious is that your guide will be dressed up, according to Don Sandeman, to let you know the best that the world of Port wine has to offer you. Check here for Sandeman Cellars entrance fees.

Sandeman Cellars

Taylor’s Cellars

Its relationship with Port wine began in 1692 and is, therefore, one of the oldest houses dedicated to the production of this wine. The founders of this brand are also of English origin and this basement was one of the first to open to the public 35 years ago! History, as you can see, will not be lacking in this space, but neither will modernity, as Taylor's has recently renovated its cellars! Check here for Taylor's Cellars entrance fees.

Taylor's Cellars

Real Companhia Velha 

It has over 200 years of existence and 540 hectares of vineyards, like the others cellars, Real Companhia Velha found in the Douro Valley, its reason for existence! This wine born here, rests in tunnels, kites and rafters that can stay 10, 20, 30 years and so on! Check the Real Companhia Velha entrance fees.

Real Companhia Velha


This is the cellar that holds one of the largest aging storage areas, housing 6500 Port wine casks! You can even see the coopers at work! Watch a video about the Symington family and finish the best with the wine tasting! Take a look at Cockburn's entrance fees.

cockburn's cellar

In the end, surprise your guide by explaining why the Port wine cellars are located in Gaia instead of being in Porto!

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