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The best Spanish wine regions

It is no coincidence that Spain is the country with the largest vineyard cultivation area in the world, and still the third largest wine-producing market, this relationship with wine is already very old! Discover the most famous wine regions in all of Spain!

Penedès Wine Region

Penedès belongs to Catalonia, being only 30 minutes from Barcelona, ​​is a true paradise for those who love sparkling wines! Here cava wine is produced, sparkling wines so exquisite that often resemble good champagnes, take the opportunity to know the main differences between cava and champagne. This is undoubtedly considered one of the best wine regions and one of the oldest in all of Spain. Most of the grapes that are born in these vineyards are white, among these, you will also find some red grapes that will allow the production of excellent red wines aged in oak. Feeling in the mood to go for a trip? Find the various tours that will take you to Penedès!

wineries penedes

La Rioja Wine Region

La rioja is as rich in vineyards and also in landscapes. Providing to its visitor's amazing views where green is the predominant color. The background is the high mountains of the Pyrenees. This wine region, within the Basque Country, has over 500 wineries to visit and to discover the wine culture closely. Discover the best excursions to visit La Rioja!

La rioja wineries

Rías Baixas Wine Region

It is the birthplace of the famous albariño wine, one of the great Spanish white wines. This region is located in the province of Pontevedra in Galicia. About 97% of the vineyards in the Rías Baixas region are dedicated to the cultivation of the albariño grape variety. The time has come to taste this refreshing wine on an excursion from Santiago de Compostela!

rias baixas wines

Jerez Wine Region

Jerez wine is produced in the municipalities of Andalusia where wine tourism feels like at home, as there are dozens of wine activities that you may take part in. It is already a very old wine that was very important at the time of the great navigations and became known all over the world. The big difference of this wine is its ripening process, but in this regard, it is better to visit Jerez de la Frontera to know all the details!

Jerez wineries

La Mancha Wine Region

The land of Don Quixote is also home to many exquisite wines! La Mancha, located in central Spain, is the largest continuous vine-growing region in the world. The main grapes produced in this soil are the Airen white grape and Tempranillo ink. So let's visit the homeland of Don Quixote de La Mancha and enjoy excellent red wines!

la mancha wineries

Spain is undoubtedly the perfect destination to explore vineyards and taste exquisite wines!

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