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The best destinations and routes for bike lovers

There are places that explored on two wheels touch us in a completely different way. Discovering places by bike is considered by many a unique and unrivaled experience. Let's gonna find out the places that only the bike can take us?


The Canary Islands offer a wide variety of cycling routes, but Tenerife has something exceptional which calls many of Tour de France riders to train here! We are talking about Mount Teide, the highest peak in Spain! Can you imagine the views it provides? Whichever route you decide to take, this volcanic mountain landscape will always accompany you. The climb of this route poses a great challenge for all types of cyclists, but another great thing that Tenerife gots its the climate. The island has a mild climate practically all year and with little rainfall. Discover Tenerife bike tour options!

cycling in Tenerife

Sao Miguel, Azores

The island of São Miguel is the largest of the entire Azores archipelago and it is on this island that you can find in Furnas. A must for any tourist who passes by the island, but not only, obligatory for those who love to ride a bike! It is an area that stands out for its thermal waters, medicinal volcanic mud and boilers, which was precisely where the famous tradition of Cozido das Furnas emerged. Discover the volcanic origins of São Miguel Island by bike!

azores by bike

Portuguese way of St. James

To reach the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, there are several routes from France, Spain, and Portugal. The route we recommend is the Portuguese way of St. James, although most people choose to walk on it, it is also a great option for those who like to cycling, as is the case! Although considered a pilgrimage route, many who do not consider themselves Catholic feel the appeal of this challenge that implicitly involves a spiritual component. This is undoubtedly a journey through the centuries that continues to arouse fascination all over the world. Get to know the complete bike itinerary from Porto!

st james way by bike


A few kilometers from Barcelona, you will find the ideal destination for a fun day out in nature. In Montserrat, you will find the famous Monastery where you can find the image of the Black Virgin. Although it seems to be a religion-linked path like Santiago de Compostela, Montserrat also boasts beautiful landscapes, as it is a rocky massif full of unique needle-shaped formations. Once here, you can visit the monastery and get to know the area's Natural Park by bike. Learn more details about the itinerary from Barcelona!

cycling Montserrat

Levadas, Madeira Island

Levadas are one of Madeira's main tourist attractions, offering direct contact with practically untouched nature. If you are unfamiliar with the term “levadas”, understand that they were originally created to carry water from the north of the island (where there is a wetter climate) to the south (where the climate is drier). Nowadays, its main function is to show the beauty of Madeira to its visitors. These waterways can only be explored by foot or bike. Discover the famous Laurissilva forest and discover Camacha, the typical colorful village. Learn more details about this Levadas bike route.

cycling madeira island

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