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Rita Costa |

Parks to have a picnic in Porto

With the arrival of good weather, the wishes to enjoy the sun and warm breeze multiply. We give you 6 suggestions for places to make picnics so that when someones call you to organize one, you already have everything in mind. From Baixa to Boavista, Antas, Foz, and Gaia, there are plenty of options. Therefore, prepare your straw basket and the red and white tablecloth. The sandwiches, appetizers, and chips. The drinks and the ice. And never forget the garbage bag to clean everything at the end of the meal. Here we go!


Top parks in Porto


Parque da Cidade

The City Park (Parque da Cidade) is the largest urban park in the country, with 83 hectares of immense Nature and 10km of paths. With trees, lakes, banks, and animals in abundance, City Park is the perfect place for a picnic. It is located in an easily accessible area, connecting Boavista, Matosinhos, and Foz. Who knows, after a little jog or yoga exercises.

parks in porto

Palácio de Cristal Gardens

It is impossible not to be surrendered to the gardens that surround the famous Crystal Palace of Oporto (or Pavilion Rosa Mota, as it is also known). In fact, the Gardens of the Crystal Palace are a renowned landscape in the city. All areas and viewpoints have free entrance, so you only need to prepare your food and drinks, and relax in one of the most beautiful corners of Oporto. Believe me: the views are magnificent over Gaia and the Douro river!

parks in porto

Passeio das Virtudes

The Virtudes Gardens has everything: from privileged views to the Crystal Palace, Gaia, Miragaia and, of course, to the Douro River; and also much art and sharing. On an evening at Virtudes, you may find people drawing, reading, singing, balancing, or just talking or eating with friends. It is the perfect place to have time for yourself since the atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly. A memorable picnic with a free and artistic spirit!

parks in porto

Jardim do Morro

At Morro Garden, we can have one of the best views over Oporto. Located in Gaia, next to the Serra do Pilar and the upper board of the D. Luís Bridge, it is a very pleasant place to gather friends or your other half for an outdoor meal. Whether it's a lunch, a snack or even dinner (on hot summer nights), it is certain that at Morro Garden you can contemplate the junction of the city with Nature. We leave the note that the Garden was created in 1907 and totally rehabilitated in 2017.

parks in porto

Parque de São Roque

Located in the old Quinta da Lameira, next to the Estádio do Dragão, and then, outside the common tourist sites of the city, we find the beautiful São Roque Park. Much sought after by those who prefer a more modest place to walk away from the confusion of the city, in this park you can find innumerable gardens, stone benches for picnics, a chapel and, of course, the famous labyrinth of shrubs. Let yourself be enchanted by the Quinta da Lameira house which, for many years, belonged to the Calém family (yes, the Port Wine producer)! It has everything to be a place to visit, right?

parks in porto

Jardim do Passeio Alegre

Our last suggestion is the Passeio Alegre, located in Foz, was classified as Property of Public Interest. The reasons for its fame vary: from the beauty of the seedbeds to the fountain, to the bandstand, to the small chalet, and also by the minigolf field. Here, you can organize very pleasant picnics, taking advantage of the banks of the river Douro and the palm grove, which make us feel in a place somewhat exotic.

parks in porto

During Summer, there are numerous events and activities (many of them free) in the parks and gardens mentioned above. Stay tuned for the cultural agenda of the city, since you can enjoy the best of all these spaces in a visit to Porto!

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