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Rui Terroso - CEO |

Our Social Causes

At Living Tours, we are Conscious Capitalism practitioners, based on the humanization of business, with the belief companies can contribute to the well-being of society, while generating profit.

Having a greater purpose defines the corporation's role before society, having a Social Cause and involving the whole team in something bigger, brings to the surface the best that people have to offer, for the benefit of all, whose lives are touched by the Organization.

Our goal is to make our world a better place and raise humanity to a higher standard!

The company IS: GOOD because creates value, ETHICS because it is based on voluntary exchange, NOBLE because raises our existence and HISTORIC because it takes people out of poverty and creates affluence and happiness.


Going to work, thinking about the impact his work will generate it is one of the most inspiring experiences a professional can get.


Solidarity is unquestionably one of the most noble and human acts in the world we live in.


Based on this principle and for a greater good, Living Tours is connected and determined with several social causes:


Our Social Causes - Livingtourians Together for a Cause:







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