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Come to know Coimbra in a tuk tuk ride, a city with more than 950 years of history, full of legends of tragic love and popular stories. In a journey of about one hour, discover all that the best of Coimbra has to offer you, learning more about the history of this city as well as about the history of Portugal! Enjoy and be fascinated by Coimbra.

   Daily    1 hours
  • A different adventure in Coimbra City, where you can find many of the most famous monuments of Portugal.


  • A Tuk Tuk tour where you can know the best points of the city of Coimbra in a 100% electric and environmentally friendly vehicle, without noise and without pollution.


  • The perfect combination of a outdoor experience with a guided tour.


  • One of the best ways and also the funniest to explore Coimbra and its hidden corners.
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Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, and Italian.


Largo da Portagem.


Daily, from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM.


About 1 hour.

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A 100% electric and environmentally friendly Tuk Tuk that produces no noise or pollution! This is the best vehicle that you can choose to know the best of the city of Coimbra. We promise you that this experience will be an adventure with all the comfort, security and fun, where you will be enchanted and will fall in love with the beauties of Coimbra City. This experience will be engraved in your memory forever and you will miss this city. Come to learn a little bit about the history of this City and of Portugal, at the same time you live an unforgettable moment. 


Points of interest:

Portagem Square - This square is the principal square of Coimbra City. It is considered the true center of Coimbra. Its name comes from the fact that in the past, it was there that the rates on goods coming from the south were charged.

Arch of Almedina - The arc of Almedina it was part of the medieval walls of the city. Nowadays it corresponds to the entrance in the oldest part of the city of Coimbra.

Santa Cruz Church -It is one of the main historical and juridical monuments of the whole country. This church is characteristic due to its extreme beauty.

Manga Garden - This is one of the main Renaissance architectural works of the Portuguese territory. This garden is also known as Cloister of the Manga.

Mermaid Garden -The Santa Cruz Park, commonly called the Garden of the Mermaid is a garden of extreme beauty. It was in the 17th century that this garden was transformed into a leisure space thanks to D. Gaspar da Encarnação.

Aqueduct of São Sebastião - The Aqueduct of São Sebastião is popularly known as Garden Arcs. This dates back to an ancient Roman aqueduct that supplied the upper part of the city of Coimbra.

Sé Nova -The Sé Nova is a catholic temple characteristic by its extreme beauty inside and outside.

University of Coimbra - It is the oldest university in Portugal and one of the oldest in the world.

Sé Velha -The Sé Velha is one of the most important important monuments of Romanesque style of the whole Country. Its construction began soon after the battle of Ourique, a battle in which D.Afonso Henriques (1st king of Portugal) proclaimed himself king of Portugal.

Monastery Saint Clara the Old - It is located on the left bank of the Mondego River. This Monastery represents a moment of experimentation of Gothic Style in Portugal.

Farm of Tears - It is located on the left bank of the Mondego River. In this Farm there are two fountains: The Love Fountain and the Tears Fountain. Both the farm and the fountains are famous for having been the scene of the love of Prince D. Pedro and D. Inês de Castro.

Portugal dos Pequenitos - This is a thematic park allusive to Portuguese culture, history and heritage. It is a playful, educational and tourist park.

Convent of São Francisco - A beautiful convent that was originally built to house the Franciscan monks who remained there until the Revolution of 1820.

Monastery Saint Clara the New - This monastery was built in the 17th century to replace the Monastery of Saint Clara the Old that suffered from periodic flooding along the Mondego River. This was a green Convent of Franciscan enclosure.

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Tuk Tuk ride in Coimbra city.

Information about the history of this city and its points of interest.

Tuk Tuk guide. 


  • Hotel pick up and drop off.
  • Other services not specified.
  • Gratuities (optional).

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Mostra la città alla FamigliaMostra la città alla Famiglia
Sono venuto all'Erasmus a Coimbra quest'anno e sebbene conosca già la città, vorrei mostrarlo ai miei genitori che stavano visitando il Portogallo. Dato che entrambi sono abbastanza grandi, camminarli su e giù non sembrava una buona idea. Ho visto il tuk tuk vicino all'università e l'ho trovato perfetto. L'autista parlava un buon inglese e tutti abbiamo capito. Così sono stato in grado di rendere una visita molto confortevole e divertente. Aiutò che era una bella giornata di sole.
Marco Antonioni
Maping Coimbra
One hour tour that allows you to map the main monuments and other interesting places of Coimbra. From the Baixa and the Santa Cruz church, to the University, and almost in the top the beautifull Saudade garden full of poems that supposedly are written from former people and students that lived in Coimbra. It´s an up and down and the tuk tuk becomes ideal, especially in the old and very narrow streedts of the old part of town. Our guide was very kind and patient and the tour took a bit more time than expected but he didn´t mind. Recommend it.
Good way of starting
Making a 1 hour tour on tuk tuk across Coimbra it´s a very good way of starting to know the the city. There are many points of interest such as the Arch of Almedina, Santa Cruz church, Sé Nova and Sé Velha and of course the University. Many of this points are not so close to each other and public transport can be confused. With the help of the driver-guide one can pass many of the main spots and later maybe to make a more depth visit.
Jason Smart

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