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Doñana National Park, Europe’s Largest Natural Reserve

Discover a truly enchanted paradise where nature is in control of everything, The Doñana National Park is the largest natural reserve in Spain and in entire Europe! Protecting two animals in danger of extinction: the beautiful Iberian lynx and the royal eagle!

With more than 50,000 hectares of pure nature, it is Europe’s largest natural reserve, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Doñana Park exalts all its beauty and all its power in its intense fauna and flora that you only can find it there! Part of the territory is dominated by wetlands (marshes) and the other half consists of sandy formations. This diversity of ecosystems made this place the perfect habitat for over 900 species of plants and animals such as wild boars, deer, storks, reptiles, waterfowl, and migratory birds and even endangered animals such as the royal eagle and the Iberian lynx. If you’re lucky, during your visit to the natural park you will be able to see some of these animals!

The name Doñana goes back to the times when the Princess Éboli and her husband, Duke of Medina-Sidónia, leader of the invincible (unbeaten) Armada, conquered territories in the name of their daughter Doña Ana. To this conquest, they attributed the name of “The forest of Doña Ana” which later became the acclaimed Doñana National Park.

Visit its beautiful beaches (Matalascañas and Castilla) and get to know El Rocio, a locality where you can find the replicas of the ships used by Christopher Columbus in the discovery of America. Book one day tour in this unique natural park!

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