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Catarina Figueirinha |

Shopping in Gibraltar: The best stores, streets and tips

Gibraltar, the overseas territory of the United Kingdom, has become one of the most popular shopping destinations in Europe. Do you know why? Gibraltar enjoys a special status, is a duty-free British territory. This means that any purchase here is cheaper than in any other country where taxes are imposed upon the import and export and licensing of a product. Understood the reason? Now let's go shopping!

Main Street

It is on this street that most of Gibraltar's trade is concentrated, ranging from simple tobacconists to fine crystal shops! Gibraltar Crystal is a gift shop known worldwide for its handcrafted crystal design. The store incorporates a kind of museum to understand in detail how these beautiful pieces are made. Unfortunately, Gibraltar Crystal is currently closed.

Tobacco and Alcohol

Cigarettes are about 40% cheaper in Gibraltar than in Spain and a third of the price you would pay if you were in the UK. On average, for every 200 cigarettes you will pay around £ 8 and £ 6 for a bottle of whiskey, a bargain, isn't it?

Luxury Brands and Souvenir Shops

On Main Street, you'll also find internationally famous brands that sell their products at a much more affordable price! Mostly, tourists are looking for opportunities in glasses (brands like Ray-Ban), watches and various jewelry. These are good examples of products you can find at a great price. In addition, you will have plenty of souvenir shops available at such a time and at such a low price, it will be difficult to select just a few items to take home!

gibraltar shopping

How to get to Gibraltar

Gibraltar has an airport (GIB), but if you are traveling through Spain and want to visit Gibraltar in one day, the best option is to take a shuttle from Malaga. However, there are other options like a transfer from Seville or even from Algarve (Portugal).

Exchange rates

Please note that ATMs and credit card payments are associated to exchange rates. Some stores accept US dollars, but the best option is to exchange currency at the bank to stretch your budget a little more!


In and out Gibraltar is at Customs discretion. Please note that there are limited quantities of products you can bring from Gibraltar. If this amount is exceeded you may have to pay a fee or have some items confiscated.

Enjoy the best British brands at the best prices!

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