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Catarina Figueirinha |

4 incredible ways to experience the Azores

What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of the Azores? Nature! Indeed, this archipelago breathes green landscapes that seem to have been taken from a fairy tale. But it is wrong to think that the Azores are just incredible scenarios, here you can live an intense culture! Today we present you 4 incredible ways to get to know the Azores from a different perspective.

The culture and the food

The gastronomy of a region is always linked to its culture and this is no exception in this archipelago. In the Azores, we eat the real Portuguese stew, which here gets the name of Furnas stew! Furnas Valley is a region of the island of São Miguel, where there is an active volcanic zone and it's here where the famous stew is made in the most traditional way! Every day, this region receives dozens of people who come to taste this typical dish, prepared in full volcanic soil, responsible for the final touch of Furnas stew! Huuum, learn how you can visit Furnas and taste its stew!

Furas Azores

The marine life

The environmental organization Greenpeace, considered the Azores marine life as one of the best-preserved in the world. Being the archipelago considered “a world example”, it would be impossible not to mention the importance that the ocean has for the islands. There are various activities ranging from watching whales during a boat trip to swim with dolphins. Be sure to visit this “sanctuary” of sea life!

dolphin watching in Azores

Landscape heritage

We cannot deny a fact, the Azores have some of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe! The predominant color is green and the lagoons are one of the main tourist attractions of this archipelago. The most famous are: Lagoa do Fogo and Lagoa das Sete Cidades, the latter even has a legend associated with its different shades. Now you know, a visit to the lagoons is a must during your stay on São Miguel Island.

Azores Lagoons

Outdoor activities

Being an archipelago like this we just could expect activities close to nature. Enjoy the best the Azores have to give you through activities such as cycling, geotours, climbing, canyoning or canoeing. Sounds too perfect even for the Azores, doesn't it?

azores outdoor activities

These are the best ways to discover the entire archipelago and to interact directly with the locals. Enjoy a little of everything and let yourself fall in love with the Azores!


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