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One day in Serra da Estrela

Serra da Estrela is the highest mountain in mainland Portugal and owns the only ski resort in the country. In this mountain range, mountainous landscapes intersect with truly intense regional flavors! Today we will explore the best things to see and do in Serra da Estrela.

Serra da Estrela Natural Park

This is the natural park in Portugal with the largest protected area! Rich in fauna and flora, this stunning mountain range is home to animals such as the wolf, the wild boar, the otter, the fox, the genet, the greylag, the eagle and the hawk.

Serra da Estrela Natural Park

Covão da Ametade

Famous for being one of the most symbolic and most beautiful places in Serra da Estrela, it is the perfect place to take a break, as you can dine, camp or simply relax among the most impressive images. Covão is an ancient glacier lagoon well known by the locals, so if you stopped to ask someone what to visit in the Sierra, they would surely point you to Covão da Ametade! Do you love mountain landscapes? Find out more here!

Serra da Estrela things to do

The tower

This is the highest point of all Serra da Estrela and all of mainland Portugal! This tower is one of the most emblematic symbols of Serra da Estrela, making it the perfect image for a welcome postcard! In the Tower area, the mountain is 1993 meters high, and the height of this Tower corresponds exactly to the 7 meters left to complete the 2000 meters altitude! This is where visitors are supported and the starting point for practice winter sports.

Serra da Estrela ski

The Bread Museum

This museum promises to be a completely magical journey through bread production. Located in Seia, it takes you on a guided tour of the various thematic rooms available, you can even enjoy kneading bread or just watching it being prepared at the moment. It is a very fun experience, especially if you are with children!

Bread Museum Serra da Estrela

Comprida and Covão dos Chonchos Lagoons

Comprida Lagoon is Serra da Estrela's main water reservoir, has a glacial origin and is undoubtedly one of the main attractions here. Covão dos Chonchos Lagoon became famous when a series of films recorded in this area with a drone became viral. These videos showed the waters of the lagoon disappearing through a mysterious funnel! This funnel is a tunnel that takes the collected waters of Ribeira das Naves and forwards them to Lagoa Comprida. An image that deserves without being contemplated at least once in a lifetime!

what to see in Serra da Estrela

Cheese Museum

Serra da Estrela cheese, what a delight! Haven you tasted it yet? You don't know what you are missing out! However, let's start with a visit to the building that tells us the story of the production of this gastronomic relic. It will also explain the characteristics that allow you to identify a real Serra da Estrela cheese so that you do not make any mistake when buying. Finish off with a cheese tasting and let yourself fall in love with an intense flavor!

Serra da Estrela cheese

Interested in visiting Serra da Estrela? You can book a full-day trip from Porto in shared or private, you can not miss Serra da Estrela!

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