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Things to do in Valencia besides eating paella

We all know that we can't talk about Valencia without speaking about the most typical dish in Spain, paella! However, after experiencing this culinary treasure, what can you do in Valencia? A lot of stuff, but clearly, we have selected for you the best things to do in Valencia, are you ready?

Valencia and its erotic past

This city comes with something very spicy and no, we are not talking about paella! Did you know that once, Valencia had the largest brothel in Europe? Valencia had always been a libertine city that today has many well-kept secrets that only a real local can reveal to you. Take this opportunity to have a guided tour through the city where sex will be approached without prejudice.

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Lladró Museum, the world's leading luxury porcelain production brand

Valencia is home to a museum full of tradition that tells a story of passion for porcelain. Lladró is a famous brand known worldwide for the design, manufacture, and distribution of a creative range of porcelain pieces. Get to know the evolution of the brand and the modernization of its artifacts over the years. Of course, you will be impressed by the beauty of these unique pieces!

Lladro Valencia

Hortacha, the most popular drink in Valencia

Hortacha is a natural drink from a tuber, the chufa. Valencia is also famous for the cultivation of this plant and the consumption of hortacha, a refreshing drink perfect for the hottest days! Find out the fields of chufa to understand the whole process and of course, learn to prepare a true homemade horchata, enjoy it!

Horchata Valencia

Explore the Mediterranean Sea, listen to flamenco and eat tapas

There's maybe nothing new about it to you, but it is something you will surely want to repeat. Relax and set aside a day for boating, watching a typical flamenco show and enjoying tapas, a delight we never had enough of!

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The Silk Road in Valencia

Did you know that Valencia has become Spain's leading city in terms of the silk industry? A story that can only be told in detail on this Silk Road tour where you will discover the College of Art of Silk Manufacturing, the Silk Factory, the Velluters neighborhood, and La Lonja de la Seda, the Valencia Silk Market.

silk road valencia

So now you know, not everything in Valencia is about paella!

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