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7 Reasons why you should not miss La Tomatina festival in 2019

This annual Spanish festival is the world’s biggest food fight! La Tomatina takes place in Buñol, a town near to Valencia, famous for being a messy festival which involves participants throwing thousands of tomatoes at each other. Over time, the festival has won fans from all over the world, becoming one of the top activities to do in Spain.  Here are some reasons to join this tomato festival this year!

1. Feel close to the unique Spanish party spirit

La Tomatina festival takes one week. There are several activities during this time like dance shows, parades, concerts and a lot of entertainments, this is the festive side of Spain. There’s no better way to discover this side than take part in La Tomatina.

2. This is the world’s largest food fight

That’s right, La Tomatina is not only the largest tomato fight in the world but is also the world’s largest food fight. Every year, approximately 120 metrics tons of tomatoes are used by about 40000 participants. Well, this a lot of tomatoes!

3. A tradition dating back to 1945

The origins of La Tomatina aren’t clear with several theories explaining how the little town of Buñol become home to this food fight festival. It’s said that this tradition came up during a local celebration when a few youngsters got into a fight with each other. In the heat of the moment, they took whatever they had closed at hand, tomatoes. Funny story, don’t you agree?

la tomatina 2019

4. Tomatoes are specially selected to this food fight

Tomatoes are collected from all parts of Spain; however, these tomatoes are squeezed first so that they don’t hurt while they are being thrown around.

5. Get a free skin cleansing

Did you know a tomato is a natural disinfectant? Going to La Tomatina can restore the glow to your dull skin and clean all the impurities. The town is also left surprisingly clean, after the fire trucks wash off the streets, the tomatoes act as a disinfectant.

6. A funny way of starting

La Tomatina only starts after a participant climb up to the top of a greasy pole to reach a piece of ham while being showered with water hoses. Could this participant be you in 2019?

7. A great opportunity to show your eccentricity

What you wear is a great way to intimidate the competition! Something funny will fits you well! But, remember, don’t wear anything that will put you upset if you ruined, this is the messiest festival ever!

tomatina festival

Warning! Here are some tips since there are limited tickets and accommodation for people who come to La Tomatina.

Buy your tickets online: You can only buy a voucher online, which you must change to a ticket at one of the kiosks on the day. It’s also required to bring some form of identification with you in order to cash in your online voucher.

Find a cheap accommodation in Valencia or add a transfer from Valencia to Buñol.

If you are in Madrid or Barcelona, there’s also a ticket including transfer service.

Or, if you prefer, you can book a hostel in Buñol.

Are you ready to say yes to La Tomatina Festival?

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