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Pedro and Inês: Do You Know Portugal’s Most tragic Love Story?

The legend of D. Pedro and D. Inês is the most remarkable love story of Portugal.

D. Pedro was the son of King D. Afonso IV and husband of D. Constança. However, that was not what kept him from falling in love with Inês de Castro, his wife's Company Lady. Even though he was married, D. Pedro used to meet D. Ines in secret, in the gardens of the Royal Palace, and together they lived a gigantic passion without equal.

When D. Constança died, D. Pedro and D. Ines were finally able to take their love, which caused a great revolt in D. Afonso IV, who strongly repudiated the relationship. The lovers lived together in Coimbra and had three children.

With the passing of time, King D. Afonso IV became more and more troubled by their betrayal and, worried about the throne of Portugal, ordered that D. Ines de Castro be killed mercilessly. The death of his beloved left D. Pedro devastated, and enraged, and never excused his father for his barbarous act.

After the death of the King, D. Pedro ascended the throne and, to avenge the death of D. Ines, murdered the men who killed his wife. Then, he organized a ceremony, where he dressed the body of D. Ines in a beautiful white dress and acclaimed her Queen of Portugal.

He had two large tombs built in the Monastery of Alcobaça: one for D. Inês de Castro and another for himself so that they could rest in eternity side by side.

It is worth visiting Alcobaca where the souls of the two lovers rest!

The two tombs are considered some of the most beautiful of Portugal, of Gothic style and with marked details and reliefs.

This is the story of a love that has no end.

Left: D. Inês Tomb

Right: D. Pedro Tomb

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