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6 Secret Places to discover in Lisbon

Would like to meet a new facet of Lisbon, the Portuguese capital? How about strolling through fewer tourist areas and hidden places? This article is dedicated to all the tourists who visit Lisbon or even to its inhabitants that are looking for new places to relax.

1. The Smallest Bookstore in the World

Located at Escadinhas de São Cristóvão, in Mouraria, the “Livraria Simão” consists of a small hall of only 3.8 meters. So small that it can only fit one person at a time, so whenever a customer is looking for a book, the seller has to go out of the store first. However, there is a lot of variety. The "Smallest Bookstore in the World" sells more than 4.000 books, from different categories and authors that appeal to different preferences. There, you can even find a few vinyl records for sale.  Here, the saying "knowledge does not occupy place" has a literal meaning!

Livraria Simão

2. Fronteira Palace

The Palace of the Marquesses of Fronteira or just Fronteira Palace, as it is widely known, is a noted Portuguese baroque palace, built by the 1st Marquis of Fronteira, between 1671 and 1672.  With a striking red facade, the interior of the Palace guards a remarkable wealth! It is surrounded by majestic geometric gardens, where you can find lakes, bridges, sculptures and many beautiful decorations in tiles. The gardens have notable Italian and French influences. Currently, and even though it is the place where the 12th Marquis of Fronteira lives, there are still some luxurious rooms and gardens open to the public for a visit. And we guarantee it's worth it!

Fronteira Palace

3. Torel Garden (Jardim do Torel)

The Torel Garden is located atop of one of Lisbon’s hills, highlighting the wonderful panoramic views it offers to all visitors. Although it is a somewhat alternative place, since few people go there, we promise you will have a pleasant experience. In the Torel Garden, there are many forms of entertainment: from a cafe-restaurant, lakes, benches, shady spaces for picnics and, in August, the lake is even transformed into a real public pool.  A true "all-in-1".

Jardim do Torel

4. Underground Gallery of Loreto

You heard it right: beneath the ground. The Loreto Underground Gallery is nothing more than one of the five galleries (or tunnels) that were included in the system of the “Águas Livres Aqueduct”, part of the water supply to the city. Here, you can walk in the depths of the city of Lisbon, in a total of 2835 meters. The entrance is in the “Reservoir of Mãe d ' Água das Amoreiras” and the walk ends at the “Viewpoint (Miradouro) of S. Pedro de Alcântara”. By the way, visit this Viewpoint. Is one of the most well-known of the city and has breathtaking views!

Galeria subterranea lisboa

5. Miradouro da Nossa Senhora do Monte (Viewpoint)

Speaking of viewpoints, how about visiting a beautiful viewpoint, but that is not that well known among people? At the Viewpoint of Nossa Senhora do Monte you can find superb peace. Located at the “Bairro da Graça”, it is possible to have one of the most fantastic views over the city of Lisbon, in addition to being possible to recognize a few famous sites: from the Castle of St. George, Lisbon downtown, the Tagus River, the Bairro Alto and even the Forest Park of Monsanto. The Viewpoint is crescent-shaped and it is possible to buy drinks and snacks in the food street stands that you can find there.

Miradouro Monte Lisboa

6. Casa do Alentejo (Alentejo House)

The Alentejo House, also known as Alverca Palace, is a former palace possibly built in the 17th century. In 1917-1919, the palace underwent a surprising remodeling, turning it into what it is today: the Alentejo House, a cultural space whose mission is to preserve the culture and traditions of the Alentejo region. Even if it has a very modest facadethe interior is simply magnificent, with exotic colors, tile decorations, ample rooms with beautifully ornate chandeliers and many items of different styles: from Gothic, neo-árabes, neo-renascentistas, neo-rococós, neo-Baroque and Art Nouveau. So much that was declared Monument of Public Interest, by its artistic, cultural and architectural value. 

Casa do Alentejo

Are you already convinced? Dare to discover some secret places in Lisbon and have an out of the box experience!

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