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The Living Tours Experience
Rui Terroso |

Living Tours Experience - Birthday Surprise

Vitor is our commercial director and like everyone at Living Tours, he sometimes goes above and beyond to personalize the experiences for his clients by adding his own contribution.

Vitor is our protagonist and the perfect host of today's Living Experience.

When accompanying a group of passengers from Pakistan for a little over a week, traveling through southern Spain from Granada, passing through Cordoba and Seville until finishing the experience in Barcelona, ensuring that all services exceeded expectations, that the itinerary was fulfilled with excellence and fulfilling the requests and welcoming the individual needs of each passenger, Vitor created a bond of closeness and affection for the entire group.

Upon discovering that the tour lider celebrated her birthday on the last day of the itinerary, he promptly decided, together with his entire team in Barcelona, to surprise by joining the whole group at breakfast to sing Happy Birthday and share with all the birthday cake that he got for the celebration.Uma imagem com pessoa, interior, teto, homem

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Not only fulfilling expectations and trying to overcome them day by day, he made this group a success and that more and more groups look to Living Tours as a trusted partner for Portugal and Spain.

Vitor and his team, like everyone else at Living Tours, is not satisfied with fulfilling expectations, and their minimum is always overcoming.

These are the experiences that make our family and company practice the maxim that: We are not a company that sells Experiences, but a company of people that sell experiences

Thank you Vitor and the entire Barcelona team!


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