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Catarina Figueirinha |

Climbing Mount Pico, the ultimate Azorean challenge

Are you wondering how it is to climb the highest mountain in Portugal? Well, we can give you some useful tips and introduce you to a brief history of Mount Pico. Be at the very top of it!

You already know Mount Pico is the highest point of Portugal, but how tall is that incredible mountain? It is at 2351 meters above sea level! Did you know that this is a dormant volcano? The last eruption took place in December 1720. 

Climbing Pico is not technically demanding, but it also isn't a simple hike. It’s extremely important to bring good shoes and comfortable clothes. Before you go, make sure you slept well the previous night, it takes approximately 6/8 hours to hike Mount Pico. It’s also important to start the climb early to avoid hiking in the hottest hours (if you choose the summer season to do this adventure). The weather is unpredictable, is always a good option to bring a water jacket.

climbing pico azores

So, where do we begin?

At the Mountain’s House or Casa da Montanha! This is where the official hiking trail begins. Here, you will decide if you’re hiking on your own or going with a guide. We strongly recommend going up with a guide for several reasons. You will save some time since the guides know the best route up the mountain and could give you a better experience with some extra motivation. Another important aspect that may affect your decision of going in a self-guided hike or hire a guide, is from a capacity standpoint. There’s a limit of 160-200 people to be on Mount Pico at the same time. If you arrive at the mountain on your own and it has already reached capacity, you will need to wait until people come down before more people can be let up. If you sign up with a guide, you will not need to worry about this as they have reserved spots on the mountain. Find more information about guided tours in Mount Pico here!

Contrary to what you might think, climbing Pico Mountain involves a fee, due to expenses like security measures and experts on the ground to help climbers out. If you want to climb to the very top it will cost 20 euros and just to the crater are 15 euros.
You can also overnight on top of Mount Pico. This can make your experience extra special!

Whatever you choose, climbing Pico Moutain will surely be a once in a life experience!

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