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Paradisiacal Beaches in the Algarve

Spring is coming and that means warm weather and sunny days. And what better place to enjoy the season than on a beach? The Algarve is the perfect destination in Portugal all year long, with amazing weather, delicious food, and paradisiacal beaches. With more than 150 amazing beaches to choose from, the task gets a bit difficult.

For that reason, we bring you our top 5 spots in the Algarve to enjoy the Mediterranean sun!

Odeceixe Beach

We’ll start with Odeceixe, right in the border between Alentejo and the Algarve in Ajezur. This small beach is perfect to get away from the crowds. Here you have it all: the Atlantic Ocean, the Ribeira de Seixe (Seixe Creek), and golden cliffs covered in a green cloak.

This little paradise is very popular among surfers for its rough beach on the side of the sea, but also popular for families who chose the sand near the river.

Although it is relatively small, it offers good facilities and structures and has a café and a restaurant right at the top of the stairs to access the beach.

odeceixe beach

Benagil Caves

On a deep valley of a small fishermen village near Lagoa, you find the Benagil beach. The tiny beach is surrounded by incredible yellow cliffs, immersing it in a calm and cozy environment. Its crystal waters are perfect for a refreshing swim and water sports.

The beach is famous for its curious cave, Algar de Benagil, with its ceiling framing the blue skies. You can access it by boat, water scooter, stand up paddle, and any other water vehicle.

Benagil Portugal

Camilo Beach

This beach in Lagos is one of the smallest in our top 5. Its natural beauty and surroundings are sure to captivate you. With rocky cliffs spotted by green vegetation, the clear and calm waters, and hidden beaches, it’s a piece of paradise in Western Algarve.

It’s perfect for adventurers and explorers to discover secret tunnels and secluded spots.

lagos beach

Marinha Beach

Ranked among the best beaches in Europe, Marinha sure is one of the region’s postcards. Its orangey cliffs carved and shaped by years of erosion, leaving behind unique formations, make for a splendid spot to relax by the beach.

In the South Coast of the Algarve, at just a 15-minute drive from Armação de Pêra, this amazing beach is accessible by car. Then you just have to go down the stairs to enter a whole new world worthy of many Instagram pictures.

Plage Marinha

Tavira Island

Last but not least comes Ilha de Tavira, one of the Algarve’s beautiful islands. You can easily reach the island by boat. This natural masterpiece is integrated into the Ria Formosa Natural Park, the most important swamp area in the south of Portugal.

The scenario on the island is completely different from the other beaches on this list, but still a sight for sore eyes. There you will find 11 km of a white sandy beach, as pure as can be. Along the wide stretch are secluded beaches, an anchor cemetery, exquisite bird species, a naturist zone, and a few bars.

Tavira beaches

Make the most of the sunny days and experience the Algarvian cuisine.

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