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Top 5 des choses à faire à Tanger, Maroc

Tangier is the nearest African city to Europe and is a great starting point to discover some details about Arabic culture. Cross the Strait of Gibraltar and know in advance what to visit in this stunning city!

Tangier is known as the most modern city of Morocco since it presents conditions to receive the Spanish, African and Moroccan culture! Get to know the main highlights and some tips to enjoy the maximum in this city.

1. Walk in Medina of Tangier

Walk in the narrow streets of the Medina where you will find many people and several markets that fill the space. It is here, in the middle of shops and street vendors, that you can really get to know the Moroccan culture. You will be impressed by the variety of products these markets present!

medina tangier

2. The Caves of Hercules in Tangier

Located on Cape Spartel, they are one of the greatest points of attraction in the city! Wonderful natural limestone caves that fill the eyes of your visitors with dreams. In addition to all its beauty, they are also the perfect place to enjoy the most beautiful landscapes of Tangier! More than beauty and scenery, those rock walls tell a mythological story!

tangier hercules caves

3. Kasbah Museum

This place is, with no doubt a must-see, the highest point of the city and it offers you the best view over the Port of Tangier, the Strait of Gibraltar and Spain! This museum, use to be the palace of the Sultan, features a fascinating collection of Moroccan art which tell the history of Tangier.

Museum Kasbah

4. Camel ride on the beaches of Tangier

Enjoy the beauty of the city’s beaches through a camel ride. Enjoy the most dazzling views and feel yourself like a true Moroccan!

camel ride tangier

5. Grand Mosque of Tangier

Although only Muslims can enter here, it is a stunning mosque which deserves to be appreciated by you. In addition to its beauty, it has a truly interesting history that encompasses various civilizations, which had once been occupied by the Portuguese people. 

Grand Mosque Tangier

Now you just need to choose your starting point, Tarifa, Malaga or Seville?

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