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Retourner au blog Cinq lieux à visiter à Santa Cruz, île de Madère
Curiosités,City guides
Catarina Figueirinha |

Cinq lieux à visiter à Santa Cruz, île de Madère

In addition to the overwhelming views provided by Desertas Islands Natural Reserve, classified as a biogenetic reserve by the Council of Europe, we present to you five points of tourist interest with fascinating landscapes over the Atlantic ocean that worth a visit from you in the Portuguese municipality of Santa Cruz!

Located in the southeast of Madeira Island, Santa Cruz owns, among others, five tourist attractions, which we recommend you to visit!

1. Levada dos Tornos

We recommend you to wear boots and a trekking pole in case you would like to explore the route of this enchanting Levada, which crosses a huge part of Madeira Island.

If your goal is only to enjoy the landscapes, be surprised by the intense green of the flora and the abundant endemic fauna. This unique image is revealing how gorgeous Mother Nature is on this walking tour.

levadas in madeira island

2. Cristo Rei de Garajau Viewpoint

Find at the top of a hill, the Cristo Rei monument, which welcomes with open arms the outsiders who arrive on the splendid Madeira Island! A beautiful statue with 14 meters of imposing and with almost 100 years of history behind it! Approach to the viewpoint and observe the panoramic scenery over the Garajau Reserve, Caniço de Baixo, and the Atlantic Ocean. Take the next cable car to drive you directly to the dazzling Garajau beach!

Cristo Rei in Santa Cruz

3. Largo da Achada

Discover a truly picturesque scenery in Camacha Village! Through beautiful gardens, find the historical Largo da Achada. Look around to get to know one of the largest and famous handicraft factories on the island, as well as the iconic Café Relógio (Clock Coffee) which contains a bell and a clock from Liverpool. Apparently, it was in this area that football was played for the first time in Portugal! At the time, this place known as “Jogo da Bola” (Ball Game) is undoubtedly a must-visit local on Madeira Island.

what to do in madeira island

4. Santa Cruz Water Park

Do you want to spend some family time with lots of excitement and fun? Santa Cruz Water Park is an excellent option! It offers, for the more adventurous, a zone of radical activities, water slides, fast river, black holes and the “aqua land pool” for the child.

Apart from water activities, you can also watch the spectacle of birds of prey and reptiles.

water park in madeira island

5. Santo da Serra

Discover a charming area of Madeira Island, which stands out for its overwhelming golf course and its traditional market. Visit the Santo da Serra Golf Club to feel totally surrounded by nature and listen to the irresistible melody of the silence that you may only find here. The perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and contemplate the spectacular panorama form by mountains.

On Sundays do not miss the opportunity to visit the traditional market prepared by the locals for years. Lose yourself in the vast array of handmade pieces, clothing, flowers, and exotic fruits!

golf in madeira island

You can explore these five points of interest in Santa Cruz and Madeira Island comfortably and at your own pace on a hop-on-hop-off tourist bus, book here!


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