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Rui Terroso CEO
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Lead by example

The first duty of anyone who manages a team is to set an example, which means being first in everything. You cannot demand from others if you are not able to demand the same from yourself first.


Sometimes - numerous times - when we look at people who reach far in life, we can only see the kind face of that reality: success, money, fame, recognition, or status, among others.



But everything has two sides and carries out an exercise of great responsibility - with yourself and the others - and a strong commitment - with the project - that puts pressure on high personal, emotional, and physical stress.


Team participation is proportional to the engagement of those who occupy the highest positions in an organization.



We cannot forget commitment is a two-way journey, and for others to give their best and reflect those behaviours that we intend to promote, we must first show them the way with those same behaviours we want to enhance.


All managers/leaders are always required - always - to go one step ahead of their team. Anything other than this has only a short reach.



This is the golden rule for reaching the leadership at Living Tours. We cannot demand from others without first setting the example.


The example is human behaviour, we all follow someone's example, all children map the attitudes of their parents who are their peers and their examples.


Leadership is accomplished by example.


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