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Rui Terroso CEO
Rui Terroso - CEO |

Strong corporate culture and the sense of belonging

  1. The most important thing for a group of people who work together is the culture, the values ​​they have and how they work together according to those values.

Having a strong culture provides a sense of belonging and community and is vitally useful when it comes time to join forces, stay together and row in the same direction.


Knowing, assuming, and feeling the love to the cause is crucial to the commitment of the people who are part of an organization.


Without passion and commitment, excellence is not achievable. And without excellence it is difficult to get recurrent results.



  1. Almost everything good is produced when there are great people working in a great culture.
    Selecting the right people is vital.


Everything that happens in the organization is affected by the behaviour of the people who are part of it. People are the brand of the company. Getting the right people is critical. Hiring well because hiring poorly originates several problems. And hiring well supposes contracting people who:

Have good attitude: to the team, when dealing with mistakes, about learning, with the client and the organization;

Take responsibility on the results of their own work: each person is a driver and not a co-pilot of his own career and life;

That pays off for their own weaknesses: you cannot be good at everything because there is no time to be. There is no other option but to look for people who complement each other and their talents.



  1. We need independent thinking, people who do not always agree so that we can achieve innovation. Openly face the search for excellence.

We want the people we deal with to honestly say what they think and to listen to what others say, so that in this way we can find what is best for the business.


If everyone thinks the same way, it is because nobody thinks much. It is submission. Nobody knows everything and nobody always has the truth on their side.


If everyone thinks the same way, it is because nobody thinks much. It is submission. Nobody knows everything and nobody always has the truth on their side.



Innovation arises from diversity, from the crossing, friction, and intersection of different things. Diversity, when properly explored, generates progress. And it is said to be well explored because relevance is not in diversity, but in the way, diversity is managed since diversity can generates conflict. It is not that conflict is bad, but the bad management of it can be.

Where there are differences there are always disagreements, and well-generated disagreement is a source of growth. In a team, if there are no apparent friction, it is indicative of a false tranquillity - perhaps the result of submission and fear - which is dangerous and can blow up at any time.


You should look for harmony of what is true and what to do with it. Be confident and keep an open mind. Conflicts are personal because they determine our principles and settle like our differences.



  1. Be part of a winning team is becoming a winner, and that is priceless.

Nothing stimulates most the personal growth than being part of a high-performance team.


The winning teams produce surprising collaborations and the potential of everyone is stretched to the maximum. The environment is the land on which we grow, and if the land is not fertile, it is difficult for the fruit to come out sweet.


We are all result of our environment, and it is not easy to find winning environments. When you find it, you should not let this opportunity pass and hold it to the maximum.



  1. It is a luxury combining passion with contribution. It is also a noticeably clear path to happiness.


Look for something more than a job, look for how to leave a footprint in the world. Things will go better for us and we will be happier, working for more than a salary.


Finding our purpose is the key to a fuller life and understanding the extent to which our work contributes and has an impact on people.


Nelson Mandela said: “What counts in life is not the fact you lived. It is the changes we make in the lives of others that determine the meaning of ours.”

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