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Rui Terroso CEO
Rui Terroso - CEO |

We rely, mainly on: “word of mouth”

It is not in vain internet is an impressive sounding board


Today there is a group intelligence on the web that many consumers turn to for information. People like, first, to boast about the good things they have experienced and, second, to recommend those good experiences to their circle of influence.


They like to be “influencers” to become responsible for other people's decisions. It is a way to obtain recognition, and recognition is nothing but a way of appreciation, which is the most universal human need.



If what is offered satisfies the customer, the customer will satisfy the campany by speaking well of it and spreading their products, services, or brands.


"Word of mouth" has always been one of the best marketing weapons, but today, thanks to the internet, it has a multiplier effect that makes its importance even greater.



In tourism, this phenomenon is even more visible and notorious, with reviews on all online booking engines and on review platforms such as Tripadvisor.


In these places, all good and bad experiences are commented, a tool highly valued at Living Tours. Because it is a great way to believe in our work, with real comments from our customers, and we use these platforms as a springboard for our continuous improvement.



It is where we absorb great customer insights to improve our products and services, meeting our customers' needs.


In our Annual Event – named “Galos D´Ouro”, we value and distinguish, the Livingtourians most referenced on these platforms.


It is from mistakes that we learn and to be available to accept criticism and improve products and services, it is the best way to satisfy our customers thus have great positive feedback from “word of mouth”.


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