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What to do in Aveiro

Ever heard of the "Venice of Portugal"? The city of Aveiro is undoubtedly one of the most unforgettable cities in Portugal. In addition to being famous for its Ria that crosses the whole city, Aveiro is also notable for the colorful Moliceiro boats and the beautiful Art Nouveau buildings. Whether you've already visited the city or are planning to do so soon, this article is especially dedicated to you. Today, we will unveil what to do in Aveiro!

A Moliceiro Ride in the Ria de Aveiro

This would be the most obvious adventure of all, right? It is, without a doubt, the greatest points of interest of the city and one of the activities most loved by visitors. The waters of the Ria are quite calm, so the trip is extremely relaxing and serene. What's more, the ride on the canals takes only 45 minutes and with it, you can see some of the most beautiful places in the city. We recommend you take the tour at the end of the day, so admire the sunset from the moliceiro.

A quick, easy, and a very romantic plan, right?

boat trip in aveiro

Visit the Museum of Art Nouveau

The Museum of Art Nouveau in Aveiro is a mirror of this very striking architectural trend in the city. With a facade that will surely catch your eye, this building will take you on a journey through time. Have the opportunity to follow the "Art Nouveau Route" with the help of audiovisual material. Enjoy also to discover the brightly colored tiles at the entrance of the building and also some details of the Belle Époque.

When you finish your visit to the Museum of Art Nouveau, take time to rest in the Tea House, which you will find in the same building. During the day, it has a pleasant atmosphere; at night, it becomes one of the most famous bars in the city with live music on weekends.

Aveiro Art Museum

See the Colorful Houses of Costa Nova

This is one of the most special places you will find in Aveiro. Well, Costa Nova is not exactly in Aveiro, but the 11-kilometer ride there is well worth it. Costa Nova is a fishing village famous for water sports activities and, of course, fishermen's houses typically painted in stripes with bright colors.

This is one of the most colorful places in Portugal and certainly, a site that the Instagrammers admire a lot, as it allows them to take memorable pictures!

Costa Nova Aveiro

Eat Ovos Moles

Going to Aveiro and not tasting Ovos Moles is the same as not riding the moliceiro boat. In fact, the Ovos Moles of Aveiro is one of the great symbols of the city and deserves to be tasted (times without account)! Made with water, sugar and raw egg yolk, these sweets are real perdition!

The Ovos Moles follow a traditional recipe, created in the 19th century by the nuns of the convents of Aveiro, and has remained untouched ever since. In fact, the fame of these sweets has become so great that they were the first pastry product in Portugal to receive the name PGI - Protected Geographical Indication, by the European Union.

It will be very easy to find these sweets in a common pastry shop in Aveiro. And do not resist the temptation to eat some and to buy others to take as souvenirs.

ovos moles aveiro

Visit the Saltworks of Aveiro (Salinas de Aveiro)

The Salinas de Aveiro is one of the great historical landmarks of Aveiro, as this city was created from the production and commercialization of salt. Have the opportunity to know the millenarian techniques of salt extraction and to observe the different species of animals that inhabit this space. On a visit to the salt flats, you will even receive very positive energy... We also recommend that you visit them at the end of the day so that you can enjoy the views of the sunset glistening in the salt and water mantles.

Almada Negreiros, one of the greatest Portuguese artists of his time, compared them to true "windows of heaven". It is easy to imagine the image of the mirrored sky in the saline water, right?

saltworks aveiro

These are just some of the essential tips to visit Aveiro. Having the opportunity to spend more time in the city, we also recommend visiting the Museum of Aveiro or the Factory of Vista Alegre (home of the most famous and beautiful Portuguese porcelain, in Ílhavo) or let yourself be enchanted by the emblematic Barra Beach. For the extremely gullible (not satisfied with Ovos Moles), we also suggest tasting the Tripas de Aveiro - a soft American wafer that can be filled with the ingredients that you like the most.

Do you already know when to visit Aveiro? We suggest a day trip from Porto!

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