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Rui Terroso - CEO |

We only hire smiling people - Good Vibes Only

  1. We only hire those who smile and have a good mood. If you hired someone who does not smile, you made a mistake.


For humor, we do not mean to laugh and easy laughter, but rather have a “relaxed” attitude towards events as they go on.


Life and business are never a reality in which everything is pink, and problems, setbacks, variations, and difficulties are the order of the day.


Only with good humor is it possible to face these variations with power and looking towards the future with optimism. What mood did you wake up today? With what mood do you face this new change? With what humor did you fit the news given to you?


Humor is the mental readiness for any achievement.



Rojas Marcos, Professor of psychiatry at NY University:

“All first aid kits should include a dose of good humor. The bad mood has to be controlled.”


With no good humor life is harder.



  1. Enjoy life, you only have one.


Each day, in a way, is a miniature life: it is born and dies. Each day is a lifetime. You must enjoy and keep a playful sense of existence.


And enjoying life is about knowing how to extract the juice from every situation in life, both during leisure and work.



Passion is a key fact of happiness. You must know how to give it a lot of intensity every second. Wherever you are and whatever you do, you must try to enjoy it. If not, look for a way to change.


Love what you do because you will do it better and enjoy the experience.



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