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Catarina Figueirinha |

Valentine's Day tips for singles in Portugal

Who said Valentine’s Day is only for lovers? That was then. Today, even single people have plenty of reasons to celebrate this special occasion. Love is in the air for all of us, especially for travel lovers

The first rule of this article: take advantage of your freedom! Being single is the perfect chance to explore cities, monuments, places for your own and perfect opportunities to meet interesting people from different parts of the world. Those are our tips to enjoy your freedom in Portugal on Valentine’s Day!

A glass of wine, please!

Already well-known as heart-healthy, wine in moderation might help you lose weight, reduce forgetfulness, boost your immunity, and help prevent bone loss. Yeah, a little glass of wine can make your day! Valentine’s day becomes the perfect excuse for a wine tasting. This a great way of meeting wonderful new people who share a common interest, connected by a passion (or growing interested) for wine. Should we make a toast to you?

Check our favorite wines experiences in Porto:

Port wine experience 

Port wine cocktails workshop

port wine tasting

Conquer the world with adventure activities

How brave are you? Are you ready to take a chance and try new things? Well, today is the day! Did you know that adventure travel feeds your dreams and builds your confidence? As you start to experience the adrenaline feeling, your mind will call for more and more. Those adventures build your confidence and in each successive one, you challenge yourself just a little bit more, so don’t be afraid and say yes to those adventures:

Speed boat in Porto.

Climbing or canyoning in Azores Island.

Dolphin and Whale watching Madeira

Hiking in 7 Lagoons of Serra D’Arga Mountains (Alto Minho / Gerês)

adventure activities in portugal

Increase your knowledge

Save this day to expand your general knowledge and explore museums! Many people prefer to travel alone and do you know why is that so? It’s because they can pay more attention to the details and do whatever they want without concerning with preferences of the other travel. We do advise you to take time for yourself and that means, exploring more and more educational venues according to your personal tastes.

Pastel de nata class in Lisbon (if you like to cook or if you are simply curious about this typical candy)

17.56 Museum and Wine Cellar in Porto

museums in portugal

Go on a single cruise

Cruises and romance are a match, and going on a single cruise is a great option to include in your travel plan on a lovers day. This gives you an opportunity to meet singles population or, if you prefer, bring your single friends and have fun together!

Sunset boat trip in Lisbon (if you go alone)

Yacht cruise in Porto (for you and your singles friends have a boat party!)

boat trips in portugal

So, what will be your choice for Valentine’s day in single-mode?

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