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Rui Terroso CEO
Rui Terroso - CEO |

Turn inspiration into reality

Inspiration can come in several ways: by looking around you, reflecting on work done in the past, going to a market, traveling, or visiting a museum. But the important thing is to turn that inspiration into reality.


Creativity is a way, not an end. Creativity for creativity is meaningless. It is noteworthy when oriented towards creating value and contributing to enhancements in some field.


In addition to creative talent, knowing when what has been done is valid or not is also a critical.


Creativity (in the emotional aspect) must be guided and driven by reason (in the rational aspect), because emotion without rationale flows into chaos.



When something is created it must be to solve a problem in society, a lack, a gap, a need to be fulfilled.


At Living Tours, all creativity, was inspired by existent needs in the market at that time and with innovation throughout the times, to adapt to the evolving needs of the tourist market.



Since the first tours, wine tours in the Douro Valley, to the local welcome centers in Porto and Lisbon, among others, in the beginning, as well as in projects that we are currently involved in, always innovative for existing needs in the market and not copying the existing one, so that we are not only another one in the market.






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