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Catarina Figueirinha |

5 food markets in Barcelona everyone is talking about

Food represents an important role in Spanish culture and Barcelona is a dream destination for foodies. This checklist shows you the reasons you should be talking about these Spanish food markets. For us, there is no better way to understand a culture than through its food!

Filled with daily fresh products, Barcelona markets are a great choice to join your friends and taste together authentic Spanish flavors. Get ready, this is going to be your guide to explore Barcelona food markets, yummy!

La Boquería

The first market to open in the city is also the most famous in Barcelona. Located next to La Rambla in the Gothic Quarter district, it has become an essential piece into Barcelona biggest attractions. It continues to be the destination choice for many city chefs to pick up the best fresh products to its cooked.

La Boquería market is a gastronomic temple of temptation where you can find all the stages in the food chain. Here you can talk with the producers and discover what is the Spanish flavors which better fits with your taste. 

la boqueria market

Santa Caterina Market

Have you seen a peculiar roof in Barcelona, very colorful and curving?  This is the restored Santa Caterina city market; the project maintains parts of the existing structure but with new and more creative elements.  Santa Caterina houses traditional food stalls and sleek modern restaurants, offering a range of great products. There is also a small museum showing the history of the market and the archeological remains which were uncovered during the renovation of the market. As we say, the history of this building stays presents, see it for yourself!

santa caterina market

Barceloneta Market

A market where the fresh fish is mandatory since seafood is the specialty of this house. Barceloneta is what we call a real local market; a tiny space next to the sea and where you can socialize with no tourism pressure. Smells like local cuisine!

Barceloneta market

Sant Antoni Market

Great news, this is another non-crowded market! Located in the heart of the Sant Antoni district, this building was recently renovated, becoming a great place to wander around. You can try tapas, have a beer or a wine. Yeah, we could spend all day here!

sant antoni market

Ninot Market

Last, but not least, is the Ninot market. A market food with a fun name, come from when it was a tavern whose owners rescued a wooden doll (ninot) that was a figurehead for a ship to be dismantled. A part of this curious fact, this is a local food market with a welcoming atmosphere with a great variety of products!

Ninot Market

You know what they say, to know a city, learn its markets!

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