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If you are part of the Living Tours team, our guest or our partner, our next interviewee will not be a stranger of yours. A member of the Living Tours family since 2016, our Tiago Santos, conquers everyone for his charisma, personality, knowledge, talent and especially for the pleasure in performing his duties as a guide.

It is one of the public's favorites, having already earned the distinction of Galo D´Ouro - Top Rated of Reviews Guide, the most mentioned in the comments of our tourists.

Taking the guided tour with Tiago is a guarantee of fun. Together with his passion for Portugal and the pleasure of making him known to those who visit us, he makes a point of entertaining our visitors, with a constant relaxed and lively spirit.

Let's get to know Tiago and his travels a little more?

Where are you from? Tell us a little about your city or region!

Penafiel. Very important city with many legends. Raised the city in 1770, it is one of the oldest cities in the North of Portugal. It was the seat of a bishopric, taking the place of Porto, for a short time. Town previously known as Vila de Arrifana de Sousa. Arrifana was the daughter of Mumadona Dias.

City also known for its historical and cultural heritage, which contains one of the best ethnographic museums in Europe.

It is also located in the Sousa Valley and of course, the Vinho Verde Region.


When did you join the Living Tours family and what is your role?

I have now completed 4 years as part of the Living Tours family, playing the role of guide interpreter.


Why Living Tours? And why Tourism?

Living tours is an ambitious company with a very young and dynamic team.

I am captivated by the fact that I deal with different cultures, from different countries, learning more and more through daily challenges and learning. The autonomy to lead a tour / experience and provide each visitor with a unique and authentic experience was a decisive factor in my choice.

Tourism has always been linked to my training. I have a degree in tourism, and I have a course in cultural heritage, management and dissemination. When I took this course in 2007, I had an idea that tourism was going to grow in Portugal and could help me with what I like most: meeting people, learning and showing how beautiful, important, historical and also gastronomically rich, my country is.

How is your working day?

My workday is never the same. We carry out 8 different itineraries every day, which in itself brings dynamism, adding to the fact that visitors are always different, from different countries, origins, cultures, experiences and expectations. No day is repeated. They are all challenging and pleasurable.