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Rui Terroso CEO
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Team Work

  1. Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships

If you think only in yourself and not in the others, you will never reach your goals.

To be smart is to know that a person, alone, cannot reach the top of anything. Therefore, working as a team implies generosity, humbleness, and loyalty to all the other people.



  1. Work hard. Have fun. Make a difference


Having fun is important, having fun is so good. We cannot wait for the work shift to end in order to start enjoying life. This implies missing many moments. We must try to take advantage of each situation, both during leisure and working hours.


Working hard and having fun are compatible. In fact, when fun and business, work and pleasure, passion and enjoyment merge, then it is possible to achieve the third part of the equation: Making a difference.


Talent is always related to pleasure. Most people see work activity as a daily burden (working for a living) and so it is difficult to make a transcendent contribution to something greater than ourselves, something that makes a difference and really motivates.


You need to work for food, but work must be something else.



The writer François-René de Chateaubriand said:

“A master of the art of living does not make a strict distinction between work and play, his duty and pleasure, his mind and body, education and entertainment. You will have difficulty knowing which is which. It just pursues your vision of excellence, whatever you do, and let others determine whether you are working or having fun. For himself, he always seems to be doing both.”


Joy is a mindset, a way of being, and although high vigor is not always possible, this should be our philosophy of life. The best of the possible options.





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