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Rui Terroso CEO
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Sharing knowledge is a way to achieve immortality

The Dalai Lama's philosophy is obvious:

"The essence of spiritual life is made up of our feelings and our attitudes towards others"


From selfishness it is impossible to live a full life. Knowledge, if not shared, rots like stagnant water. Furthermore, knowledge does not belong to us, because all knowledge comes from something inside.


“Sharing knowledge is the same as distributing development.”


Everything we build up comes from previous work. For this reason, we also have a moral obligation to offer our personal contribution to the current of knowledge and consequently help the evolution of society.

Whoever does not adopt a generosity posture when sharing highlights their insecurity, a product of fear of losing what they have, forgetting the more you give, the more you receive.


Our knowledge if not shared with others is of no use.


"He who does not share his knowledge, allows the fruit of his wisdom to die with him."



We all have our strengths and weaknesses. When each one shares their knowledge helps others and that is the way to value knowledge and make it immortal, otherwise it is useless.


How important is to share knowledge?

For many professionals, what I say next may sound strange, but the truth is that their own professional growth is linked to their willingness to contribute to the growth of others.


It is always positive trying to have an unselfish attitude. Sharing knowledge is also a very mature attitude. Sharing knowledge in a work environment is not just about sharing or giving information, but also making room for exchange, for growth, both personal and professional, yours and the interlocutor.


"Shared knowledge is the gear of development."


There are people who think knowledge should be treated as a niche where a single person is the "owner of the information". Thinking this way is a mistake and shows insecurity from those who act in such a way.


A person who refuses to share knowledge in the workplace reveals he does not recognize his professional skills.



To share works as an incentive to seek more information, challenges and evolve. It is a way of understanding new perspectives. In fact, anyone who shares knowledge has a lot to gain from such an attitude.

“To share knowledge is to seed wisdom.”





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