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Catarina Figueirinha |

The Romantic Legend of Sete Cidades Lake

Those shades of colors in the waters of the Seven Cities Lake arouse curiosity. Although science provides an explanation for this phenomenon, there is a legend that justifies the blue and green colors of the lagoon. Let's discover it!

According to the legend, a few years ago, in the parish of the Seven Cities lived a beautiful princess with blue eyes. Delicate and kind, she had a unique passion for nature around her. She ran away from the cold walls of the kingdom several times to travel through the green fields of São Miguel Island. In one of these escapes, she met a humble shepherd who guarded his flock. After several meetings, the young couple fell in love.

The news reached the king who wanted to see his daughter married to a prince of a neighboring kingdom. This quickly forbade the princess to continue the relationship with the pastor. The princess and the pastor met in secret one last time and cried together for their sad fates. It was these same tears that filled the valley: the blue lake reflects the color of the princess's eyes and the other pond, the green color of the shepherd's eyes.

The tears of this sad separation formed two lagoons that continue together to this very day!

Take advantage of discovering this lovely lake by jeep, you just need to choose between a full day tour or a half day tour!

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