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Rui Terroso CEO
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Sales - The Golden Rule in Business


It does not matter who we are or what we are dedicated to, we are always selling something.

Everything is sales: A job interview is a sale, getting financing for a project is a sale, organizing an event and getting people going is a sale, when discussing a trip to the theater or to the cinema as a couple is a sale, when interacting with your child to do what you want is a sale. And so on.


Knowing how to sell has an impact in all areas of life, as a father, son, friend, boyfriend, associate, or entrepreneur. You will always have to sell something to someone to get ahead: a job, your salary, your vacation trip plan, where to go for dinner. The conclusion is clear, to be successful in life, in any of the areas, you need to know how to sell.



Knowing how to sell is, firstly, a question of survival, and secondly, of quality of life.

Since we all sell something - our work, products, services, or anything else - to have opportunities, you need to know how to sell.


And to run very well, we must be great salespeople. The quality of life depends on the ability to sell: the better you know how to sell, the more you will obtain and the better you will live.


On a temporary basis, things may go wrong for your company or the business you work for, but you will eventually recover, because all companies live off the same: Sell.


Without salespeople, the world would stop spinning. Learn to sell and you will never be short of work, because you become essential to others. We must all know how to sell to live up to our expectations.


Selling is not a job (profession), it is a lifestyle, an ability for everything.


Breathing, eating, drinking, exercising are not professions for most people, but fundamental requirements for living. The same applies to sales.



The difference between ordinariness and greatness is commitment.

Most people do not get what they want because they don’t do enough to get it, and they don’t do enough to get it because they don’t commit to the results, and because they don’t have results they don’t like what they do, it’s a vicious circle.


It's as simple as that: if you don't commit to getting results, the results don't happen, if there are no results, it's because you haven't committed to them.


Making your dreams come true depends on your commitment. And to commit is to give yourself completely to something: to do whatever it takes in the time it takes.


Os profissionais (comprometidos) sobrevivem, os amadores (não comprometidos) desaparecem. Para se ser bem-sucedido em qualquer coisa, é necessário comprometer-se a 100 por cento.

Committed Professionals survive, amateurs (who are not committed) disappear. To be successful in anything, you need 100 percent commitment.


From my experience when I tried to sell our tours, before the company even existed, it was my 100% commitment to the cause and the project that made me believe and with such a high commitment and dedication, that even without a company yet, like many other entrepreneurs who start from scratch, I managed to sell what didn’t exist yet and made others believe as possible!


I remember the joy felt when the first reservation made by the tour operator Top Atlântico, by Isabel Teixeira (reservations manager there at the time) who believed in me and in my ability to sell a project that did not exist, but in fact became real.  




You cannot earn more by giving less or the same

Osho, spiritual master, revealed this idea with great insight: “To grow, just look at a tree. As the tree grows in height, the roots grow deeper and deeper.


There is a balance: the higher the tree rises, the deeper its roots will be. It is not possible to have a tree fifty meters high that has small roots, it will not be possible to sustain such a large tree. “In life, growing means deepening your roots.”



Selling is the act of giving and not receiving, it is the act of serving and not of asking.

In any business, you must be willing to serve people, not just sell.


Business exists to contribute to make people's lives better. The best salespeople are those who know how to serve.


To sell you do not need tricks or secrets, you need to be willing to help the person in front of you.


Money (as a business) is the consequence of a job well done (the value). If you improve the lives of others, the market will reward you, if it improves a lot it will reward you a lot also.


Success consists in having a talent to serve. Selling is not selling, selling is offering people solutions. Selling is solving problems.


Selling is contributing to something of value to people's lives, more quality of life, better prices, faster, more personalized service or anything else. Think about the people, not yourself.


Do you want me to pay attention to you? Do you want me to notice you? Do you want me to hear you? It is easy, only answer this question: how will it help to make my life better?



To sell it is necessary to have information about the products, but above all about the people.

The people are who buy the products, so the job is to sell things to people, not people to things.


If you understand people, you find the correct answer. The basis of a good sale is information, and information is obtained through listening, observation, and questioning. Ask questions to get to know the customer, expectations and needs.


The seller is not interested to the customer, the customer is interested in himself.


On the other hand, people allow themselves to be influenced by people who inspire confidence, even more than by products. More important than what is sold is who sells it.


People do not trust a thing, they trust someone. Lack of confidence will cost you a lot of sales.


First, gain people's trust and then talk about business.


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