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Rui Terroso CEO
Rui Terroso - CEO |

If you don´t like reading. It´s because you didn´t find the right book yet

Nobody is indifferent to a good book. A good book changes you inside, in a positive way.


A good book makes you question things, look at other points of view, offers advice for improvement, allows you to understand why, or shows you how, and much more.



One of my favorite hobbies and whenever I can I read.


My preferences are very much based on real facts, on entrepreneurship and biographies of entrepreneurs and corporations.


The books give me pleasure to read, absorb new information, ideas, and techniques to put into practice in daily life: personal and business.


Books are my favorite travel companion; I can make an 8-hour trip reading.



And most important: a good book urges you to continue to inquire, to deepen and to read. In summary, to love reading.


If you are looking to learn and are willing to let yourself be taught, the appropriate book will appear at the right time.


As they say, it is not you who choose the book, it is the book that choose us. In addition, a book is a place to which you can return indefinite and different times in our life.



The only book that cannot teach you is the one you don´t read.


Success is knowledge in action. Therefore, reading everything that falls into our hands on the subject that interests us puts us in a privileged situation in relation to the rest of the people, since, according to statistics, one in three people hardly ever read, and more relevant is the absence of indicators that these numbers will improve, since the interviewees affirm they “do not like or have no interest in reading.”


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