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Prado museum highlights: 5 reasons to give it a chance!

Madrid city tour leads you to a visit through the Prado Museum! If you are not convinced yet, this list presents the main reasons not to miss this great tourist attraction. Get ready, the arguments are truly compelling!

For true art lovers, this museum is an endless paradise! It features numerous works by several world-famous artists. We warn that this is a huge museum and therefore, impossible to see all its works in only one visit!

Find out which are the masterpieces of your interest or choose a guided tour to absorb maximum information and the maximum quality in your visit. 

Prado museum highlights:

1. The Prado Museum is not only the most important museum in Spain but it is also one of the most important in the world! The Prado displays a valuable collection with more than 8000 paintings and more than 700 sculptures!

prado museum highlights

2. This museum survived three wars! It seems impossible but this museum survived, without leaving any damages in its works, to three wars witnessed by Spain: the War of Independencethe Spanish Civil War and, also, World War II!

prado museum highlights

3. In this museum, is represented several times the history of the Spanish Monarchy. The museum's initial project came up for the purpose of harboring collections of royalty art. For this reason, it would be expected that these works of unique value would remain in the same building. Whether you are a fan of history or not, you can learn a lot about the power of the Spanish monarchy here.

prado museum highlights

4. It owns a privileged location, the "Paseo del Prado", is one of the main zones of the Spanish capital. A truly enjoyable avenue that offers several attractions to its visitors. Take the "Paseo del Arte" route, which encompasses the three main art museums in Spain: the Prado Museum, the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum, and the Reina Sofia Museum. Learn more about the famous "Triangle of Arts"!

prado museum highlights

5. The works of VelázquezEl GrecoGoya, and El Bosco. Clearly, the main reason is the famous works that this museum show! Despite presenting works of great value, both permanent and temporary exhibitions, these artists are the main reason to visit this museum!

Get to know live paintings such as:

"Third of May, 1808" - The picture depicting Spanish resistance to the invasion of Napoleon Bonaparte's troops.

"Saturn Devouring His Son" - A controversial picture that provokes shock in the spectator but reveals a critic to the evils acts of the Human being.

"The Family of Carlos IV" - One of the most important works of the painter Goya and the history of Spanish painting, both for his artistic qualities and for the artist's fantastic psychological portrait of the royal family.

"Las Meninas" - A truly complex work by Velázquez, whose background is the studio of the artist himself. The portrait continues to raise several questions, making it one of the most studied works ever.

"Knight With Hand on his Chest" - The character of this portrait of the author of El Greco, remains in mystery but, the model perfectly represents the sixteenth-century Spanish nobleman.

"The Garden of Earthly Delights" - A set of three paintings depicting the history of the world from creation to the end, dividing it between paradise and hell.

prado museum highlights

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