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Rui Terroso CEO
Rui Terroso - CEO |

The Power of Positive Thinking

1. How many people on the planet would want to be in your place? Be grateful for what you have, and from what you are and have, start the shift to something better.


The positive life starts now, right from where you are.


Being thankful is the main route to positive thinking. It is the way to start and activate your world in a positive way. It is a way of recognizing that we live in an ecosystem of abundance. It is the first step in attracting bigger things to your life.



If now, at this moment, you scream for everything, you do not start on the right foot and cause destructive forces against you.


There is a way to naturally foster gratitude: notice all the woes that surround you (illnesses, accidents, wars, layoffs, hunger ...) and realize how lucky you are for not having happened to you. It all starts with gratitude.


Gratitude is the key to success and happiness and is connected with greater productivity, quality of work, better social relationships, more energy, activity, agility, better immune system and lower stress levels.



2. The only war is with us. The only rival is us. The only person we must overcome is ourselves.


Overcome yourself by increasing your self-esteem and personal value. All human problems are the ultimate result of a lack of self-confidence.


When opportunities arise, fear paralyzes us when difficulties arise, despair comes on the scene. The only strategy to get what you want is to increase your self-worth.


There is a direct correspondence between the concept you have about yourself on the one hand, and his conduct and effectiveness, on the other. One always acts on the outside in correspondence with the concept that has of himself on the inside.



You cannot conquer in the outside world more than you can conquer in your inner world itself. Therefore, any change or improvement in your life begins when you change and improve the concept of you have of yourself.


This reflects in everything: it is time to sell, to speak in public or to relate to other people. The way you see yourself influences in any area of your life.


People do become quite remarkable when they start to think they can do things.


When they believe in themselves, they have the number one secret to success.


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