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Rui Terroso CEO
Rui Terroso - CEO |

Open Letter - LivingTourians together for a cause

Now that we are on the announced reopening of our business, after this pandemic quarantine, we are concerned with what tourists and visitors are feeling and not just about doing promotions to sell more.


In this return, as advised, we will gradually reopen all of our activities on next Monday, June 15th: our Tours and Transfers operation, our on-site Welcome Centres in Porto and Lisbon, our Incoming/DMC´s in Portugal and Spain, as well as our B2B, B2C Tours, Activities and Attractions Marketplace for the Iberian Peninsula.


We are fully determined with our cause and our purpose in providing unique and authentic experiences, showing the world the best, we have, are, and know how to do in Portugal and Spain.


This is also the right moment to start our social cause - “Livingtourians Together for a cause”

1 by 1, meaning, for each participant in our Tours we will donate a meal to the homeless and people in need from Porto and Lisbon, cities where we operate and cities where this tragedy is most notorious. This action will be taken in partnership with three solidarity institutions in Portugal: “Legião da Boa Vontade”, “O Coração da Cidade” and “Porta Solidária” to whom monthly we donate a meal for each participant on our tours.


This will be our major cause, for which we will fight for and work every day. We will not end hunger in Portugal but will play our part for a better world.

Saint Teresa of Calcutta said:

"If each one of us sweeps the sidewalk in front of his house, at the end of the day the street will be clean"

There are at least 300 thousand people starving in Portugal.


This is the number of Portuguese who are still starving and unable to have enough food for living. Food is the basis of everything for us to survive, work, study, think, grow, dream, smile, have initiatives … Without food we can´t have anything else!


In the view of this scenario, we decided to do our piece to minimize the effects of starvation and together fight for a better life for all and that is how our life project is born: LivingTourians together for a cause.





LivingTourians together for a cause - our Community Transformation Project

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