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Rui Terroso CEO
Rui Terroso - CEO |

Negativism: The problem with the greatest risk of contamination that we face

Never let negativism control you and always remain alert. Negativity is destructive, because, although it can make us feel better by clearing ourselves so that we can justify certain things, it does not solve anything.



But, in addition, there is another problem. Nowadays we know emotions are contagious and the danger increases. It has been proven by science the process of emotional contagion is automated and unconscious.


It means that, naturally, we tend to imitate the people we are closer to.


For this reason, I always try not to go along with people who are pessimists, and who are part of my daily life so as not to let me get affected.


Achieving great things in life requires courage and optimism, because difficulties will always be there, and negativity does not seem to be the best strategy.


The most suitable alternative, without a doubt, is that of enthusiasm and hope, despite the setbacks and temporary stones we encounter along the way.


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