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The Living Experience - Marta Quintas

Marta Quintas has been with Living Tours since the beginning of 2018. In just over 2 years, she managed to win everyone over for her excellent professionalism and especially for her natural talent in interpersonal relationships.


Her presence and contagious sympathy has already earned him the internal prize: Galo de Ouro - Best Colleague in the Reservations Department, voted by his colleagues.


In the words of the person in charge of her department, Tânia Monteiro, Marta: “she is the sweetest of the reservations team, not only because of her appetite for desserts and chocolates, not only because she created the famous phrase“ when you celebrate your brthday ”. you have to bring cake ”, but because she really have a very affectionate personality. She is the protagonist of the longest telephone calls. Partners, colleagues and customers are marked by Marta's friendliness and always good humor. It has a contagious laugh. When she goes into "stress" mode she has the peculiar characteristic of speaking softly.

In the midst of this energy Marta is professional, dedicated, thorough and quickly adapted to the reservations department of Living Tours. “

We asked Marta to share with us the experience that most marked her in these 2 years:


“One of the happiest memories I have within my history as Livingtouriana, reminds me of a morning when I opened the reservations department at 7 am.

It was about 7:15 am when the agency's phone rang. When answering, on the other side of the call was the voice of a very distressed lady, she and her husband had purchased a cruise from Porto to Pinhão and had resorted to a taxi service to transport them to the departure pier.

What happened is that the driver took them to the Port of Leixões and, arriving there, the couple was very distressed because they did not find the cruise company.

When I realized what had happened, I told the couple that they were not in the right place and, at the same time, I calmed the lady who became more and more anxious. He said that they were in fact in the wrong place, but that they would be able to get to the correct pier in time.

I asked the lady to do the favor of passing the call on to the taxi driver and explained the exact place of embarkation, as well as times and name of the boat.

When I finished the call, I called the cruise line to ask them to please wait for a couple who in principle would arrive on time, but that there might be some traffic conditioning that would prevent their punctuality.

Moments later, the agency's central phone rang again and it was again the lady who was completely euphoric to say thank you, because she was already inside the cruise. She also said that she and her husband were 86 and 88 years old, respectively, and that they lived each trip with the thought that it could be the last one and that the fact that they managed to embark was a moment of great joy for them, which they would remember forever.

That day marked me and I keep that moment with great happiness because being Livingtourian (a) is this, it means being happy with the happiness of our tourists and / or hikers and not giving up the slightest adversity, doing everything so that the experience of be memorable.

Basically, it means creating empathy, putting ourselves in the shoes of those people and providing excellent service and care, comparable to what we also want to receive. It is giving our best every day, effortlessly, but in a genuine way and being genuinely dedicated and committed to our functions because together we make a difference, a difference of excellence. ”


Thank you Marta for sharing your story, and for always infecting us with your personality, charisma and affection.