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Rui Terroso CEO
Rui Terroso - CEO |

Managing Change

When the pace of change outside the business is faster than the pace of change within the business, the end draws near.


The fundamental difference between a leader and a boss lies in the way change is managed.


And if there is anything essential in managing change, it is the agility and speed of response to the movements of those around us.



It is important that organizations have structures to facilitate the adoption of quick decisions, as well as their execution.


Jack Welch says:

“An organization's ability to learn and quickly turn what it has learned into action is its greatest competitive advantage. Bureaucracy is the company's Dracula.”


Leading companies are proactive, never reactive.



At Living Tours, we try to be agile, bureaucratic within the real needs and adapt quickly to changing patterns and markets.


We believe in Charles Darwin's premise:

“The strongest are not who survives but those who have the greatest capacity for adaptation.”




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